A message from Cointelegraph’s CEO Jay Cassano and editor-in-chief Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr

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While at Paris Blockchain Week Summit,or PBWS, Cointelegraph’s chief executive officer Jay Cassano and its editor-in-chief Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr addressed Cointelegraph readers in a YouTube video. Upon the heels of the Cointelegraph France edition going live and the team’s thorough coverage of PBWS, Cassano and Cornèr reflected on Cointelegraph’s expansion and mission.

The French version “joins a family” of journalists across 30 different countries and is the tenth language that articles may be published in, in addition to English, Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese. “The more languages we have, the more representation we have, the more impact we can make on this world,” said Cornèr.

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Cassano added that as cryptocurrency has become and is becoming more mainstream, the publication strives “to go beyond just telling the news” because what sets Cointelegraph apart from the publications that may cover the same stories is its people who truly care about crypto.

Crypto Stories is one of the latest series from the YouTube channel that highlights figures who have made their mark within the blockchain industry, from Vitalik Buterin to Spell of Genesis card game creator Shaban Shaame.

The next big milestone for the company is the launch of a new mobile application to follow the latest crypto news, projects and thought leaders. Cassano described fostering a kind of “feedback loop with the community” to produce stories the audience says it wants to read.

Additionally, the two spoke about Cointelegraph’s responsibility to dissipate misinformation about crypto, and show the positives of blockchain. This includes ideas about “taking power away from Web2 platforms that centralize everything and put power in the hands of users,” said Cassano.