ATLAS Token’s LBank Listing Elevates Star Atlas Value

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Star Atlas, a company that combines gaming and blockchain technology, has listed its ATLAS token on LBank. Following this development, the value of ATLAS has surged by 60% from it’s lowest point, indicating that gamers and investors are increasingly excited about Star Atlas‘s innovative approach to gaming and blockchain. The company recently unveiled an ambitious roadmap during the 2023 Breakpoint keynote, which leverages the Solana blockchain to revolutionize the Web3 gaming world.

Progressive Development and Expansion of the Digital Universe

One of Star Atlas’s remarkable feats is the build-up of its digital universe within just three years, leading to the launch of the Unreal Engine 5 game on the Epic Games Store. 

The latest update, R2.1, brings in multiplayer aspects with dogfighting arenas while fusing in-game NFT assets with a digital marketplace for a comprehensive gaming experience. 

Looking forward, the R2.2 release is set to augment the multiplayer experience with captivating features, including competitive combat racing, blockchain-connected ship configuration, and a mastery and XP system, extending support to up to 30,000 users simultaneously.

Star Atlas’s vision moves past just the MMO scope by introducing “Star Atlas: Golden Era,” a browser-based strategy game based on the Solana blockchain. The addition aims to enrich the metaverse experience, infused with advanced guild systems and on-chain architecture.

Striking Balance Between Community and Technology

Understanding the value of community, Star Atlas has embraced an open IP policy and rolled out a detailed build program for developers. This initiative has caused more than 16,000 downloads of its development kits, stirring up a lively community of developers and gamers.

Designating a core aim to establish a digital nation-state with a community-driven economy powered by blockchain technology, Star Atlas signaled this in their project’s keynote. With the partnership of LBank, Star Atlas is carving a new path for the MMO metaverse experience. This symbolizes the fusion of gaming and blockchain, opening doors to tremendous digital possibilities.

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