Big Tamadoge ($TAMA) Update Brings Tamadoge Arena, TAMA NFTs, And Extensive Token Burn In Anticipation Of The New Tamadogi App Release

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Leading Dogecoin spin-off project Tamadoge ($TAMA) is set to deliver a major update to the ecosystem with the highly-anticipated arrival of the new Tamadoge Arena, alongside TAMA NFTs and a burn event, ahead of the launch of the Tamadogi App.

Known as the biggest casual Web3 gaming token, Tamadoge has undertaken steady growth throughout 2023, with a dedicated development team pushing hard toward unlocking huge project roadmap milestones.

And now, with massive project releases on the horizon, the Tamadoge team is excited to reveal the launch of their latest products as the journey to revolutionize web3 gaming experiences continues. 

Things are kicking off on November 30, 2023, with a substantial $TAMA token burn event planned as a jaw-dropping 12,500,000 $TAMA tokens head for the furnace (worth more than $100,000).

To put the scale of this huge burn into perspective, consider that since the introduction of the burn mechanism in September 2023, just 14,404,759 TAMA have been burned.

With the new burn event almost doubling the removed supply, Tamadoge enthusiasts are encouraged to participate – with all community burns matched 1:1 – meaning the more $TAMA you burn, the more supply reduces!

A reduced circulating supply could induce further upside price action following supply-side shocks to Tamadoge tokenomics.

Upcoming Alert: Stay Tuned For The Tamadogi App Launch – A Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn Experience

But amid all the hyped-up project updates, perhaps the most exciting news shared by the Tamadoge team is the upcoming release of their new Tamadogi App.

Offering unbridled free-to-play access to the Tamadoge ecosystem, this new play-2-earn app aims to onboard an entirely new generation of $TAMA token holders.

Building upon the app store success of Tamadoge Arena and Tamadoge Arcade, the new Tamadogi app will let users look after their Tamadoge pet, earning $TAMA tokens and gaining XP for pet upgrades.

This is based on participation in a collection of fun and free mini-games, giving free-to-play participants 15 plays a day as they grind out major challenges, boosted by the earnings potential on every game.

Each time you play, you earn points and climb the leaderboard. However, with the leaderboard reflecting real-time performance, every moment counts to cement your place at the top.

Earned XP can be spent on catering to the needs of your Tamadogi pet – from its happiness and nutritional needs to simple maintenance of hygiene and energy levels – a carefully curated digital companionship dynamic sets the stage for supercharged demand-side tokenomics.

This is backed by an interact and grow function, with every interaction with your NFT pet improving the bond between player and pet – something encouraged by the introduction of boosters, with double XP in mini-games fuelling player participation.

So, with so much coming soon, don’t sleep on the Tamadogi app. Stay tuned with the Tamadoge, X (formerly Twitter), and Discord for the latest updates.

Only 2 Days Remaining To Enter The Tamadoge NFT Giveaway – Your Chance To Win An Ultra Rare NFT

But the action doesn’t stop there. What better way to herald the introduction of the cute and collectible new Tamadoge Puppy NFTs than by rewarding dedicated $TAMA holders with a dynamic NFT giveaway event?

With time already ticking away as the clock counts down on the TAMA NFT giveaway, users can now enter through the Gleam Giveaway portal – with just two days left to join.

Five highly sought-after Tamadoge NFTs are up for grabs, with one lucky winner set to gain an ultra-rare edition Tamadoge NFT and two winners set to receive rare edition NFTs.

But the contest is already heating up, with more than 3,750 participants already throwing their hat in the ring for a chance to win – don’t miss this.

Important Update: Tamadoge Arena Unveils Major Enhancements – Pet Store Revamp, Complimentary Puppy NFTs, Credits, And More

Hot on the tail of the fiery November burn event and ahead of the Tamadogi app launch, the Tamadoge team has launched a monumental upgrade to the high-octane Tamadoge Arena platform.

The latest edition to Tamadoge Arena sees a new 3D pet store opening, enabling players to participate and purchase their own new TAMA pet, alongside upgrading their pet’s stats.

Whether you want to turn your Tamadoge into a beefcake by increasing its strength or boosting its intelligence to play like Einstein – anything is possible in the new skill-based upgrade mechanics – from extra lives to damage resistance.


What’s more? These blockchain-based puppies live on NFTs, giving you an indelible in-game companion, like a digital Tamagotchi that never dies!

In an exciting move, new players that join the Tamadoge Arena platform (by downloading from Google Play or the IOS app store) will gain exclusive access to a unique free puppy NFT, alongside 20 free credits – bringing the new Tamadoge Arena pet store to life!

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