Binance’s CZ says he is ‘skeptical’ about the Terra relaunch

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, expressed skepticism around the revival plan for the Terra ecosystem and the launch of the new LUNA token.

“I try not to predict what the community will do. […] Many are skeptical. I’m one of those guys,” said CZ in an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph.

Following the collapse of TerraUSD (USD), the Terra ecosystem’s stablecoin, CZ criticized its team for not handling the crisis properly and pointed at the project’s flaws that led to the crash. Still, Binance is now actively participating in Terra’s revival plan by hosting the airdrop of its new LUNA token.

As CZ pointed out, despite the widespread skepticism around the Terra relaunch, Binance has a responsibility to help users affected by the crash of LUNA.

“We still need to ensure continuity of people’s access to liquidity. […] We have to support the revival plan hoping that it may work,” he explained. 

According to CZ, the Terra fiasco should serve as a warning to projects that rely on unsustainable business models based on “aggressive incentives.”

As he pointed out, crypto projects such as Terra offer high yields to attract people in the hopes that once there are enough users, they will become profitable.

“We should really look at them in a fundamental way to measure that more revenue, more income is generated than just an incentive payout,” CZ pointed out. 

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