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Bongdoe’s Next-Gen NFT Collection: Midrange Hawkings’ Intrigue Unveiled | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture

Bongdoe's Next-Gen NFT Collection: Midrange Hawkings' Intrigue Unveiled | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture

In the sprawling metropolis of Hawkings, an eerie blend of rebellion and mythical enchantment unfolds. Not just the rebels, but the enigmatic presence of the “baby fire” casts an incendiary glow, tracing a path of fire throughout the city’s veins.

Within this chaotic tapestry, murmurs abound about John Doe, the enigmatic figure allegedly spearheading the city’s descent into chaos. Who was he? What did he want? The answers eluded all, amplifying the city’s collective anxiety. A once-glistening beacon of aspiration, the Liberty Statue, now bore the scars of devastation, symbolizing Hawkings’ descent into hopelessness.


Enter the Midranges, a cohort believing fervently in a savior for Hawkings. Their clarion call? A face-off with the mysterious John Doe at the heart of the city – the Liberty Statue.

But what awaited was not a singular villain, but an army, all asserting their claim as the real John Doe. What ensued was a cataclysmic melee, amplified by the terrified and unpredictable antics of the baby fire.

As the first light of dawn pierced the skyline, what remained of Hawkings was a poignant reminder: the city’s greatest threat was not external, but its own divisive nature.

The NFT Collection Drop: Details Unveiled

Mark your calendars! This NFT collection goes live today at precisely 6:30 pm ET. Collectors will be treated to three enigmatic Blind Editions. But hurry, they’ll only be accessible for 24 hours or until stocks last.

Blind Editions Decoded: A fascinating hybrid of Open Edition and FCFS, Blind Editions have a mystery element. The maximum supply of a given edition remains concealed. Once this undisclosed limit is hit, minting comes to a halt.

  • John Doe, Blind Edition – Priced at $33
  • Liberty, Blind Edition – Priced at $33
  • Baby Fire, Blind Edition – Priced at $33

The Special Midrange Hawkings Burn: For those eager to possess the full Midrange Hawkings artwork, there’s a catch. You must sacrifice (or ‘burn’) one edition each of the three primary characters: John Doe, Baby Fire, and Liberty. The burning ritual for Midrange Hawkings will commence on Saturday, September 16th at 6:30 pm ET. Or, if the three essential characters are sold out and minted earlier, then that’s when the burning begins!

TLDR: Dive into the dystopian world of Hawkings with Bongdoe’s new NFT collection. Three Blind Editions are up for grabs, with the unique opportunity to acquire the full Midrange Hawkings artwork by burning one of each character. The drop begins today at 6:30 pm ET!

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