Cash App to Add Bitcoin Taproot Support by December

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  • Cash App will add support to Taproot, Bitcoin’s latest upgrade, by December 1.
  • Over time, users may benefit from the upgrade’s enhanced privacy features, reduced transaction fees, and better smart contracts.
  • Taproot went live on the Bitcoin network on November 14 at block 709,632.

Cash App will add support to the Taproot Bitcoin upgrade by December 1, the company said in a statement. The highly anticipated upgrade went live in the Bitcoin network on November 14 at block 709,632, and the financial services app owned by Square will roll out support for taproot addresses by early next month.

“To ensure a seamless update, we will confirm that the mainnet Taproot activation is working as expected before rolling it out to all customers,” per the statement. “By December 1, 2021, all Cash App customers should be able to send bitcoin to Taproot-enabled wallets.”

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