Changelly App: New iOS Version Release

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After some thorough development, we are pleased to present you with our new update of the Changelly application for all iOS users. To be honest, our primary goal was to make sure that you enjoy the resilient service with transparent commissions. At the same time, we managed to add many features familiar to you from the web version.

So, we are not standing still. And while everybody is flying into space (we mean Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson), we almost flew to the moon thanks to our development squad. So, without further ado, meet our new app updates!

Introducing Fiat Aggregator

In this version, we added all of our fiat partners – Simplex, Banxa, Moonpay and Indacoin, but it’s kind of different from the aggregator on our website. In the app, when you choose the fiat and crypto you want to get, we automatically show you the best exchange rate from one of our partners depending on your country of residence and selected currency. 

Define the Exchange Rules

Fixed and floating exchange rates are now available in your mobile app. Choose the one that suits you the best and make your transactions. If you hear about this feature for the first time, we recommend you check our types of rates

Intuitive Navigation

We must say, we did a really good job on the user experience issue. Now, all the necessary sections are located at the bottom of the screen, as in most of your iOS applications. Choose between the options: exchange crypto, check the rates, track your transaction history, or set up your app.

Apart from that, we’ve integrated push notifications, so you can get the most important crypto announcements. 

We’re Getting Closer

When facing a problem in money-related processes, all of us want an instant answer. That’s why we implemented a live chat right into the app. Our support team will do its best to resolve your issues and answer any questions in a timely manner. 

By the way, we updated the FAQ in the application. If you are stuck with any problem, please, check if there is an answer to your question. If not, our specialists are glad to help you.

What’s Next?

We are thrilled to announce more features coming up! First, you may ask, ‘what about the Android app’? We are to update the Android version very soon. 

Now, our plans are to add as many cryptocurrencies to our list as possible, so you can buy and exchange any crypto in one place. We are also working on the fiat aggregator, so it will be identical to the web version. Next step – our development team will integrate FIO and Unstoppable protocols to make the transaction process even smoother. 

Last but not least, we are to improve our push notification system, so you can track the prices of your favorite coins on the go. 

Changelly team appreciates any opinion on the app’s new update. Try it yourself, and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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