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In the rapidly evolving world of crypto and blockchain, few names stand out as vividly as that of John McAfee. Trevor Jones, a renowned artist, beautifully captures the spirit of this iconic figure in his 2018 portrait, “The Legend”.

After painting this portrait of larger-than-life businessman, programmer and crypto personality, John McAfee in 2018, John invited me to his beach house in an artist residency role. After much contemplation I decided not to take him up on his offer, although now I do regret not going. What an adventure it would have been! – Trevor Jones

The world was stunned when, in 2021, John McAfee met a tragic end in a Spanish prison cell. Though his death was officially ruled a suicide, there remains a shroud of mystery and conspiracy theories. John, himself, seemed to foresee this; two years prior to his demise, he openly proclaimed, “If I suicide myself, I didn’t. I was whackd.” A sentiment so strong, he etched it onto his skin with a “$WHACKD” tattoo on his right arm.

Despite the controversies and shadows that danced around his life, McAfee’s legacy is undeniable. He was an emblem of defiance, showcasing how groundbreaking innovations often emerge from the offbeat and an unyielding pursuit of one’s beliefs.

To pay tribute to this extraordinary life, on September 18th – marking McAfee’s birth – Trevor Jones will unveil a limited-edition physical print and accompanying NFT package of “The Legend”. The artwork is symbolic, crafted with oil and wax atop articles from the Financial Times, particularly those spotlighting Bitcoin and the larger world of cryptocurrencies.

These exclusive prints, measuring 60 x 80 cm, come signed and are restricted to an edition of just 65. Each purchase includes packaging in a meticulously crafted, premium-quality box, with shipping costs encompassed in the price.

For collectors eager to get their hands on this piece, a note of importance: the artwork is presently in pre-sale, available solely for existing collectors of Trevor Jones. As the public sale commences on September 18th, the starting price point will be revised to $2,500. For any queries or further details, prospective buyers are encouraged to reach out to the Collector Service team.

For those fortunate to be in possession of Trevor’s “The Oath” or “Bitcoin Angel” NFTs, they stand eligible for this pre-sale, a testament to the interconnected world of digital art.

TL;DR: Artist Trevor Jones pays homage to the enigmatic John McAfee with a limited edition print and NFT bundle titled “The Legend”. This piece, made in 2018, will be released on McAfee’s birthday, September 18th. The art is crafted over Financial Times articles and focuses on the crypto universe. Currently, in pre-sale, the piece is exclusively for Trevor Jones collectors. The starting price on September 18th will be $2,500.


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