Crypto Gold Rush: BlockDAG X1 App Release Takes App Store by Storm, 12B Coins Sold! Insights on Toncoin and Mantle Price

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High-powered players like Toncoin, Mantle, and BlockDAG are making significant impacts on the cryptocurrency market. While Toncoin is navigating initial resistance with a possible adjustment in its price, Mantle is transforming the gaming blockchain sector.

On another front, BlockDAG’s market presence is burgeoning following the successful launch of its X1 Miner App on the Apple Store. This release, coupled with $57.1 million stacked up in presales and the distribution of 12 billion coins, has significantly bolstered BlockDAG’s standing in the cryptocurrency arena.

Blockchain Gaming with Mantle and zkEVM Technology

Mantle, introduced by Immutable, is poised to transform the blockchain gaming landscape through its upcoming zkEVM technology. This innovation is set to enhance game performance by improving transaction speeds and scalability while maintaining compatibility with Ethereum.

Mantle aims to attract both developers and gamers by providing a more accessible and cost-effective platform, thereby pushing the boundaries of what blockchain gaming can achieve.

Will Toncoin Hit All-Time High? 

Toncoin has demonstrated resilience in its recent price movements, closely approaching its all-time high of $8.30. After enduring a sharp downturn, the cryptocurrency managed to climb back, peaking at $8.31.

Despite facing horizontal resistance, Toncoin has shown potential for a bullish trend or a corrective phase shortly. The price fluctuations indicate a testing ground for Toncoin’s strength to maintain upward momentum and potentially break through to higher levels​ .

Toncoin All-Time High

Introducing BlockDAG X1: Mine BDAG Coins with Ease

The BlockDAG X1 Miner App is now on the Apple Store, allowing users to mine 20 BDAG coins daily using their smartphones. This app integrates an energy-saving consensus algorithm that minimizes battery and data usage. Users can effortlessly mine throughout their daily activities thanks to the app’s seamless integration and user-friendly interface, which features easy navigation, a referral system, and daily rewards to enhance mining effectiveness.

Notably, users can begin mining immediately with the X1 app. The app allows users to start mining on Devnet right away, providing an efficient and accessible way to get started without any delay. Once the testnet is live, the generated BDAG coins will be migrated there. Subsequently, when the mainnet becomes operational, users will be able to view their BDAG coins on the mainnet.

Due to the low initial coin price, there is significant profit potential for BlockDAG coins. With the predicted launch price of $0.05 per BDAG, users can mine 20 coins daily, earning about $1 per day. Projections suggest a substantial increase in coin value by 2027. If the coin’s value reaches $20 by then, daily earnings could rise to $400. This highlights the lucrative mining opportunities available with the X1 app, making it an excellent chance for profit.

Furthermore, users can amplify their earnings by participating in a referral program, which increases mining rates based on the activity level of referred new miners. BlockDAG has already seen significant market interest, with a successful $57.1 million presale and the overwhelming sale of 12 billion coins, positioning it as a top contender towards the next crypto bull run.

Logging Off

In a nutshell, while Toncoin’s resilience is in the face of market fluctuations and Mantle’s innovations are in blockchain gaming,  BlockDAG’s successful market entry with its X1 Miner App underscores the dynamic and transformative nature of this industry.

This achievement, alongside amassing $57.1 million in presale funds and selling 12 billion coins, underscores its growing influence in the industry. Now available in its 19th batch at just $0.014 per coin, it’s the perfect time to invest in this promising crypto. Start mining instantly with the X1 app! Dive into Devnet and begin your mining journey right away – no delays, just pure opportunity.

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