Doja Cat’s Social Media Compromised To Promote Fake Solana-Based Memecoin

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Amid the growing exploits among high-ranking celebrities, Solana blockchain remains the top pick by these hackers to carry out their fraudulent operations. In a shocking turn of events, music sensation and superstar Doja Cat has become the latest victim of celebrity hacks as her X (formerly Twitter) account got compromised to endorse a fake Solana-based meme coin under the ticker “DOJA.” 

This incident highlights the growing trend of scammers promoting crypto schemes via well-known social media platforms like X. It also underscores the importance of users exercising prudence when interacting with digital assets and verifying the authenticity of investment possibilities, especially those promoted on celebrity accounts.

Fake Solana-Based Meme Coin “DOJA” Sparks Frenzy

On Monday, superstar Doja Cat took center stage as her X account, boasting over 5.6 million followers, was hacked by cybercriminals to shill her name-inspired Solana scam meme coin. Doja’s followers became aware of the hack after several unauthorized posts regarding the new meme coin were made with her account.

Taking advantage of Doja’s prominent position and substantial social media following, the hackers used her followers as bait to publish false information and links, encouraging them to invest in the fraudulent cryptocurrency DOJA after the breach.

The initial post featured a photo of DOJA holding a knife along with the words, “Buy DOJA or else,”​ and a link claiming to be selling the Solana scam coin. Subsequently, the hacker deleted Doja Cat’s description and profile image from her account, which has millions of followers, and posted more than two dozen additional posts enticing her fans.

Doja Cat’s X account compromised | Source: Daily Trends on X

However, unlike the earlier events involving 50 Cent and Hulk Hogan, the followers did not fall for the hacker’s fraudulent scheme therefore, the exploit did not live up to the criminal’s expectations. Doja’s swift move to inform her followers about her account being compromised by hackers is also attributed to this.

A few hours following the incident, the superstar took to her Instagram account to inform her fans about the development after being called out by several of her followers. “It is not me, it is literally an imposter. You guys do not believe whoever that was, okay? It was someone else,” she stated.

Hackers Likely To Target More Celebrities Profiles

As the cryptocurrency landscape evolves, Doja Cat’s X account hack is part of a broader trend in which cybercriminals take advantage of celebrities’ social media profiles to advertise phony tokens. This hack comes just a week after Hollywood actress and superstar Sydney Sweeney fell for a similar attack.

These hackers also took over Sweeney’s X account to promote her name-inspired Solana meme coin “SWEENEY.” However, her team quickly intervened, taking back control of her account to prevent more losses.

SOL trading at $141 on the 1D chart | Source: SOLUSDT on

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