Hedera Hashgraph partners with Neuron to track and follow drones

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Hedera Hashgraph partnered with Neuron to track drones and record data using the blockchain technology provided by Hedera. The partnership between the two companies also involved the UK government.

The report noted that the two worked together on a trial basis to collect and store drone data through a public ledger consensus.

Hedera network to track drones

Neuron Innovation is an aviation company based in London. The company has conducted a trial on drone data collection. The trial was sponsored by the UK government. The test was conducted using a public ledger consensus created by Hedera Hashgraph.

The partnership between Hedera and Neuron has boosted data collation and storage. This has been made possible by ordering millions of data points linked to drone flights. The aviation sector operates as a service protocol. The protocol’s purpose is to enable drones to be integrated into the existing air traffic seamlessly.

The CEO of Neuron Innovation, Niall Greenwood, commented on the impacts and the prospects of the trial stating, “we have made unmanned, long-distance drone travel possible using safety-critical aviation infrastructure. Each flight creates millions of data points, which no other public ledger has been fast enough to log and correctly order.”

The first trial phase on these drones was carried out in April 2021 in Port Montrose, Scotland. The trial phase covered a wide range of drones, including commercial, military and government drone flights that covered long distances. The second trial was conducted in October 2021 at Cranfield University.

Tracking and recording flight data on a blockchain

The partnership between the two companies has been strategic. The two parties involved had sensors developed by Neuron to record flight paths taken by the drone. The sensors also collected the location data of these drones.

On the other hand, the public ledger consensus offered by Hedera played a vital role in creating time stamps containing the data collected from every drone. The data was later recorded on a decentralized public ledger.

This is not the first drone project that the UK government has engaged in. The UK Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy has been actively involved in the drone programs to create a solid process that will track and follow drones and other unmanned aircraft.

Hedera Hashgraph is a blockchain project managed by a council of large corporates such as Boeing, Google, IBM and more. The Hedera consensus implements a proof of concept framework to assess feasibility.

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