Is ASX Poised for a 30% Increase Next Month?

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Astar Network’s native token, ASX, has recorded notable gains today, September 21. The ongoing positive trend in the crypto market could be closely tied to the prevailing bullish sentiment surrounding the Astar Network’s ecosystem.

At 7:07 a.m. EST, ASX is trading at $0.053, representing a price uptick of 2% in the 24 hours.

Also, its 24-hour trading volume is up by over 435%, suggesting a strong surge in demand and buyers’ interest in the coin. Given the market performance and development, ASX could grow by 30% in the coming weeks.

Astar Network Collaborates with Polygon Labs to Create Astar zkEVM

Meanwhile, besides the general market recovery, some positive ecosystem developments must have contributed to ASX’s price performance. That includes integrating Astar Network and Polygon Labs to roll out Astar zkEM, as revealed on the Aster Network’s official X account.

This development generates excitement in the Astar ecosystem, which could be part of the reasons behind ASX’s surge today. Astar zkEM could boost ASX’s price in the long run if successfully deployed.

Astar Shows Bullish On Trendline While Technical Indicator Signals Bearish

ASX has formed a crucial trendline support, which signifies a pivotal juncture in its price trajectory. The bears at the $0.061 resistance level are determined to stop the coin’s ascent. However, if the bulls add more momentum, ASX is a few pipes from breaking this barrier. A break above $0.061 will empower the token for more rally towards the $0.07 level.

But if ASX fails to breach this threshold, it could retrace to the established trendline. If the bearish momentum grows stronger, the price may fall to major support at $0.0305, below the trendline. 

Despite today’s positive stride, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence is below the signal line, indicating that selling pressure is still dominant in the market. However, there’s still a high chance for more rallies since the RSI of 47 indicates the assets are not overbought.

Given the rising momentum, ASX could post more gains before the day ends. But it’s important to note that the asset’s trajectory could shift at any time depending on the prevailing market dynamics.

Astar Alternative

Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) has raised over $4 million, making it one of the most anticipated presales of the year. The project is a few inches from reaching its presale hard cap of $6 million, presenting a short window for interested investors to hop on.

Bitcoin BSC rewards holders who stake their BTCBSC with 0.25 tokens per block (every 10 minutes), resulting in an APY of 128%. Breaking this APY into monthly yield sums to a return of about 10.6% every month. 

It plans to distribute 69% of the total BTCBSC supply as staking rewards over 120 years. More so, this staking model incentivizes holders to keep their tokens longer instead of engaging in short-term speculative trading that causes high price volatility.

Bitcoin BSC: High Potential Picks by Influencers

Many influential crypto figures, including Joe Parys and Corne Marchand, with thousands of YouTube followers, are excited about Bitcoin BSC. Pary named it among the top Bitcoin alternatives for the next surge. Marchand believes BTCBSC could surge 500% in the next bull run.

$BTCBSC is selling out fast at $0.9 per token. Interested users can join the token sale by visiting this website.


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