lightning network – Why is lnd’s channel.db so huge and when will it stop growing

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I am running my lnd node since about 60 days. Looking at the file channel.db, I found it grows currently about 500M per day:

[email protected]:~/.lnd$ ls -al ./data/graph/mainnet/channel.db
-rw------- 1 btc btc 15776518144 Oct 19 14:31 ./data/graph/mainnet/channel.db

-rw------- 1 btc btc 16874332160 Oct 21 12:59 channel.db

What is in that file that needs 16GB and when will it stop growing?
Running lnd 0.13.3 on i9-9900K CPU Ubuntu 20.04, bitcoin-core.

EDIT: New data from Oct 27 added:

It’s now

-rw------- 1 btc btc 23279489024 Oct 27 09:20 channel.db

Growth of about 5 GB in 6 days with 2 amts forwarded and 1 new channel opened. Think I stop operating this. Someone with good alternatives to lnd?

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