NBA Team Houston Rockets to Integrate Bitcoin Services Through NYDIG

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  • The Houston Rockets have partnered with NYDIG in a sponsorship deal paid in bitcoin.
  • NYDIG will become the franchise’s official Bitcoin services provider and Bitcoin platform.
  • The team will provide Bitcoin education programs for the community and bitcoin rewards and payment options for fans.

National Basketball Association (NBA) team Houston Rockets have partnered with Bitcoin services company NYDIG, according to a press release. NYDIG will become the franchise’s official Bitcoin services partner and Bitcoin platform through a sponsorship paid in bitcoin. The company will also serve as the team’s bitcoin custodian.

“Partnering with NYDIG allows us to leverage the growth of Bitcoin to provide creative rewards and payment options to our fanbase and associates,” said Rockets President of business operations Gretchen Sheirr.

The Rockets haven’t disclosed what specific offerings will be provided as a product of the NYDIG collaboration. Still, tangible initiatives might land for fans and the broader community for Bitcoin education and the opportunity to earn BTC rewards and use bitcoin as a payment method.

“The Rockets will be #PaidInBitcoin, and this partnership underscores our excitement about the Houston area and the Bitcoin innovation taking place there,” said Kelly Brewster, chief marketing officer of NYDIG.

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