November Means Big News for Boost Coin Community

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November has been a monumental month for the Boost community. The revolutionary Boost DeFi app is available to download in all app stores and already has an impressive 14k members. Seems like each week Boost developers are announcing a new live financial feature. Additionally, Boost announced a partnership with major crypto hedge fund NZT Capital earlier this month. NZT Capital is a crypto-catalyst company that has committed to monthly injections for boost. Their team of specialists have been in the crypto space for over 5 years and share a passion for blockchain technology with Boost developers and the community.

BoostSwap, the smoothest exchange in the game, is live and built directly into Boost DeFi along with free limit orders. BoostSwap is the more functional and user-friendly version of competitor PancakeSwap or UniSwap. Most recently, Boost confirmed that BoostSwap will be upgraded to support BNB and ETH. BoostFolio, a portfolio tracking feature, is the latest financial tool to go live on the app, followed by BoostCharts, BoostFarming and BoostTools shortly after.

Currently, there are also various live chats that focus on topics such as Boost Coin, NFTs, general stock and general crypto. There is also a news tab that takes users to a hub with the latest news from major crypto outlets.

Meanwhile, Boost Coin has been doing amazing amidst all the new developments. With over 9,000 holders, Boost Coin is backed by first-time investors, celebrities, influencers and heavy hitters in the crypto industry. Rappers Jadakiss and The Game, along with Tory Lanez are urging their followers to invest in Boost Coin while it’s still early. Lanez in particular has been rallying for Boost on Twitter and Instagram. Analysts are predicting that Boost Coin will reach $1 in the near future.

Boost has one more surprise in store; they will be expanding their ecosystem with a sister token, Rocket Coin, later this month. Rocket Coin is a BSC token launching November 30 that will support the Boost Coin and ecosystem. The addition of a new sister coin, app and hedge fund partnership makes for an extraordinary time in the Boost community. The development team’s decade of experience in the blockchain space, along with NZT Capital and the support of the growing Boost community assures that Boost will maintain longevity in the space. Boost DeFi will be the cohesive piece to the puzzle, tying together all of Boost’s financial tools in one convenient place. Things are moving fast for Boost. Keep up, if you can.

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