Oasys Brings Iconic Retro Games to the Blockchain with Edia

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Oasys has joined forces with retro game company Edia Corporation to bring iconic characters and titles from the world of classic video games into the world of Web3 gaming. This collaboration aims to recreate and revitalize 139 retro game IPs held by Edia using the Oasys blockchain gaming infrastructure.

A Nostalgic Journey Through 80s and 90s Gaming

With more than three decades of experience in the gaming industry, Edia holds an extensive library of retro game IPs that have delighted players since the 1980s and 1990s. These include popular titles like Gaiares, a horizontal-scrolling shooter initially released in 1990 as a cartridge for the iconic Sega Genesis console.

Thanks to this partnership, these classic game IPs will be brought back to life on the blockchain, opening up new possibilities for nostalgia-driven fans and a new generation of gamers. By leveraging Oasys’ decentralized infrastructure, Edia’s IPs, like Gaiares, will be recreated as blockchain games, retaining their original appeal and gameplay.

Working with Oasys, Edia will also direct PR and marketing strategies, employing its retro gaming IPs and blockchain technology to increase awareness about Web3’s potential for classic game integration.

Oasys and IVS Crypto 2024: Showcasing Japan’s Blockchain Innovations

Oasys has also been making its mark at IVS Crypto 2024 in Kyoto which has built on the success of its 2023 edition, solidifying its place as one of Japan’s premier crypto events. The conference, with the theme “Cross the Boundaries,” focused on blockchain technology and Web3 in gaming, entertainment, and AI. Held in Japan’s ancient capital, the event drew over 12,000 participants and featured 300 side events.

Notably, Oasys, represented by Ryo Manzoku and Ryo Matsubara, played a big role in the conference. They participated in panel discussions about the increasing demand for Web3 amid Japan’s economic challenges. They also emphasized how Oasys supports game development and promotes the adoption of blockchain gaming in Asia.

Furthermore, Oasys showcased several upcoming blockchain games for 2024, such as “CoinMusme” and “Battle of Three Kingdoms.” Industry experts discussed trends and expectations for the future of Web3 gaming, adding further excitement to the event.

Overall, Japan is positioning itself as a global leader in blockchain gaming, crucially with support from the Japanese government. At IVS Crypto 2024, Masaaki Taira from Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party underscored Web3’s potential to transform traditional Japanese values into business opportunities, particularly in gaming and animation.

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