Pepe Unchained Roars Past $3 Million In Presale As Interest In $PEPE Wanes

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Since launching its presale less than a month ago, Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) has already smashed through the $3 million milestone, and the exciting part is that it continues to pull in significant investments week after week.

Averaging about $1 million in new funds weekly, this new meme coin, promising to “make Pepe great again”, could very well double its investment inflows in the weeks ahead as early contributors are banking on it to surpass its predecessor, Pepe ($PEPE).

$PEPE emerged as a star among meme coins this year, leading the rally in the first quarter with an astonishing return of 1,235% for early investors.

On the flip side, Pepe Unchained has the mojo to match and outshine $PEPE’s success. It’s souped up with faster and cheaper transactions thanks to its own Layer 2 chain on Ethereum.

The current presale price for its native token, $PEPU, is $0.0083591, but it’s set to increase to $0.00839260 in less than two days.

Secure your tokens now and leap onto the upgraded Pepe experience.

As Investors Cool On $PEPE, They Consider Its Upgraded Alternative, $PEPU

The meme coin sector has jumped by 3.7% in the past 24 hours, as the broader cryptocurrency market shows some sparkle of hope after more than a month of gloom.

While some meme coins are no longer bleeding red, the stars of the 2024 meme coin boom are losing some sparkle, notably our froggy friend, $PEPE. 

From its all-time high of $0.00001718, it’s taken a nosedive of 46% and just shed 26.8% in the past two weeks alone.

But it doesn’t end there. Coinalyze data shows a dip in its aggregated open interest since its peak in late June, signaling a decline in interest in trading its futures contracts, with most positions now closed.

Then, there are negative funding rates that have persisted since mid-June, which means short positions are paying for long positions, painting a bearish picture for $PEPE.

Adding to the drama, a whale has transferred a staggering 9 trillion $PEPE tokens to the world’s second-largest centralized exchange, Bybit, as reported by Whale Alert’s post below:

But amidst $PEPE’s gloomy predicament, why is $PEPU performing exceptionally well in its presale? 

Is this a case of bidding adieu to the old and welcoming the new – a much better new? It certainly seems like it.

Pepe Shouldn’t Be Chained To Ethereum—It Deserves To Be Free

Let’s face it, crypto enthusiasts must have realized that $PEPE is becoming passé.

It is slow and, quite frankly, expensive to trade. In fact, the surge of interest in $PEPE this year has even caused inconvenience for Ethereum traders. While $PEPE was gaining momentum and reaching its March highs, Ethereum’s median gas prices soared to a 12-month high of 82.9 gwei.

But it’s not solely $PEPE’s fault. 

Being on Ethereum means it remains in a constrictive grip due to Layer 1’s limitations. Fortunately, the unchained version of Pepe is here to the rescue.

Pepe Unchained represents freedom – a concept that Matt Furie would not kill Pepe for – as it allows for more transactions at cheaper rates. 

As mentioned, its own Layer 2 on Ethereum helps it achieve this. 

But it’s not just that. The new chain can also usher in with it a new economy capable of launching tokens in the realms of NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, and even AI.

$PEPU Offers High Staking Yield Of 616%, 27 million Tokens Already Staked

While interest in trading $PEPE has significantly declined, the opposite holds true for $PEPU, where investors are increasingly optimistic about its future.

In addition to raising over $3 million and counting, there has been a notable rise in long-term investments, with more investors locking their $PEPU tokens into Pepe Unchained’s staking pool. 

On Monday, 232 million tokens were staked, with an additional 27 million $PEPU added since then, valued at approximately $225,000 based on the current presale price.

Consequently, the APY has slightly decreased to 616%, which is still significant enough to yield about 51% monthly returns for new investors.

The recent funding milestone and the growing investor confidence reflected in staked tokens have led Jacob Crypto Bury, a prominent YouTube influencer with over 41,000 subscribers, to suggest that Pepe Unchained could potentially be a 100x gem.

To join the presale and be among those seeing the potential of Pepe Unchained, head over to the Pepe Unchained website, connect your wallet, and exchange $PEPU for ETH, USDT, or BNB. Credit cards are also accepted.

Only 1.6 billion tokens are available in the presale, and they’re selling quickly. The upcoming phase is set to sell approximately 400 million tokens, so act fast to secure yours!

For prospective investors’ peace of mind, Pepe Unchained’s smart contract has undergone two full audits by Coinsult and SolidProof, ensuring the integrity of its code.

The market has spoken: It’s time to dump $PEPE and make way for the better choice, $PEPU!

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