private key – Is it possible to use BitGo’s wallet with other software (Electrum or else), what is the used derivation path?

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BitGo wallets are based on a 2-of-3 multi-signature, the end user have access to:

- Public key (xpub) of the 3rd signer (as the main wallet xpub)
- Native Segwit (Bech32), bc1... addresses to receive BTC assets
- Private key/seed (BIP39) of the 1st signer (and public key xpub as well)
- Private key/seed (BIP39) of the 2nd signer (and public key xpub as well)

Seeds can be converted to private key here, BitGo provide it’s own recovery-tool (it’s debug infos can be used to get the xpub keys of the first and second signer).

Public xpub keys can be converted to Zpub (p2wsh) here or with Electrum with the command ./electrum.AppImage convert_xkey 'xpub...' 'p2wsh' --offline (Electrum and xpub-converter uses those specs and derivations paths).

While it is possible to import the BitGo wallet into Electrum without error, Electrum never generate the same receiving address as BitGo, Following this and this bitcointalk’s forum threads:

1. What is the derivation path used by BitGo Bitcoin wallet?
2. Is it possible to use BitGo wallet in any other software like Electrum or else?

Other related QA: 1, 2, 3, (note that I am using Bitgo’s wallet through Bitwala)

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