Sonic and Neon Stack Brings EVM-Compatible Dapps to Solana

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Bridging Blockchain Gaming Ecosystems

“With this collaboration, our technology is adopted for the first time by a pioneering team in the gaming industry, representing a new use case in this vertical and another step into the SVM L2 ecosystem,” said Davide Menegaldo, Chief Commercial Officer at Neon Stack.

“Our effort to expand the Solana gaming ecosystem isn’t limited to the SVM,” added Chris Zhu, Chief Executive Officer with Sonic. “With Neon Stack, we’re able to onboard web3 games built on EVMs and bring them onto the Solana ecosystem.”

Sonic is designed to address the fragmentation in blockchain gaming, which often restricts developers to a single network and virtual machine (VM). The SVM provides a scalable and VM-agnostic environment, enabling developers to fully utilize web3 gaming capabilities.

Using HyperGrid technology for horizontal scaling, Sonic can handle millions of transactions per second, with final settlement on Solana’s L1. This ensures that Sonic’s L2 benefits from Solana’s security and finality whilst delivering high performance.

This collaboration is expected to bridge the Ethereum and Solana ecosystems, offering a versatile framework for developers. Representatives from Sonic and Neon Stack will discuss these advancements at EthCC in Brussels, exploring the new possibilities for web3 gaming.

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