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The WAX NFT ecosystem is on the brink of a significant evolution, thanks to Spielworks’ strategic acquisition of the Atomic Hub NFT marketplace to champion blockchain gaming.

Spielworks has built a bridge between Web3 and traditional gaming. By integrating Atomic Hub into its extensive product lineup, the blockchain behemoth seeks to ensure the marketplace’s growth and enhance its associated offerings.

Spielworks’ Next-Level NFT Journey

Leveraging Atomic Hub’s existing innovations will supercharge Spielworks’ NFT functionalities, including seamless integration of Spielworks’ innovative Wombat wallet and the $WOMBAT token with the platform. Users can anticipate enhanced experiences in browsing, trading, and collecting non-fungible assets. Furthermore, an exciting prospect lies in the potential redirection of Spielworks’ vast user base towards Atomic Hub on other platforms, notably EOS and Immutable X.

Atomic Hub has a rich suite of features: Atomic Hub GameFest, Atomic Ads, the Launchpad, the Creator toolkit, and NFT Trading. intends to maintain these features, ensuring a smooth operation in the initial phase before launching significant developmental ventures.

Spielworks isn’t new to innovation and growth, either. It boasts a commanding presence in the blockchain gaming sector, with over 3.8 million registrations and an active daily user base of 65,000. The Wombat app, a central piece in its ecosystem, holds numerous of features: a digital wallet, crypto rewards platform, and launchpad for more than 100 leading Web3 and conventional games. Additionally, it’s the driving force behind the top-15 NFT staking game, Wombat Dungeon Master, which has seen over 1.5 million staked NFTs.

Collaboration over Competition 

Speculations have been rife regarding Wombat’s exclusive focus on Atomic Hub’s NFT content post-acquisition. In response, stresses that while it values Atomic Hub’s success, it does not mean exclusivity.’s vision transcends this acquisition; it aims to nurture a diverse NFT community on WAX and beyond, promoting collaboration over competition. Garnering a history of partnerships with platforms like NeftyBlocks and NFTHive is a testament to this commitment.

From Wombat’s perspective, this acquisition is transformational. Atomic Hub doesn’t just represent an additional product; it’s an integral part of Wombat’s infrastructure enhancement. As Atomic Hub is already integrated with ImmutableX, Wombat foresees a future where its users get more than just games. The foundational technologies within AtomicHub will catalyze the creation of innovative ways to engage with the community, ranging from drops and new badges to diverse content offerings.

To sum up,’s acquisition of Atomic Hub has opened a new chapter in digital assets and blockchain gaming. With a clear commitment to the growth of the platform, this merger augurs a future filled with unparalleled creativity and ground-breaking content in both the Atomic Hub and WAX NFT ecosystem. 

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