Tezos Digital NFT Art Immerses the Public on NFTs at Art Basel

Tezos presented a curated NFT art experience as a show partner at Art Basel Hong Kong

Tezos once again proved to the world its commitment to digital arts. Find Tezos best NFT collections and metrics with the NFT Explorer. From May 27 to 29, the eco-friendly blockchain brought a stunning exhibition named ‘NFTs + The Ever-Evolving World of Art’ at Art Basel.


  • Tezos NFT exhibition is one of the biggest highlights of the 3-day art fair. 
  • The interactive exhibition space featured various pioneer generative artists collaborating with Tezos’ art platform fxhash.
  • fxhash has achieved outstanding data performance over the past 30 days, with users increasing by 64%, transactions by 73 %, and volume by 112%.
  • Lately, Tezos launched a new metaverse project, tz1land, aiming to empower digital creators. 

Every year, Art Basel presents the public with emerging artists’ new ideas, contemporary masterpieces, and disruptive concepts that compound the latest trends. So this year, in addition to well-known masters from the old art world, such as Banksy, Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst, and Hajime Sorayama, the most dazzling highlight should be the digital art experience curated by the Tezos blockchain.

Tezos NFT artists co-present a sensational visual journey

Tezos, the eco-friendly blockchain, made its debut at Asia’s edition of Art Basel this year, with an independent showroom for its exhibition called ‘NFTs + The Ever-Evolving World of Art’. 

The interactive exhibition space featured various pioneer generative artists collaborating with Tezos’ leading art platform, fxhash. Plus, it invited visitors to mint a unique generative NFT artwork for free on a first-come-first-serve basis. Impressively, this free-to-mint idea is highly embraced by the public. The NFT artworks by those rising NFT artists quickly were minted out before the end of the art fair. These works include those from Yazid Azahari, Ryan Bell, and Aleksandra Jovanić.

The much-anticipated art fair seems to have given the most popular NFT platform on Tezos a nice boost. Impressively, fxhash has attracted over 12,000 unique wallets to interact with the dapp, increasing 64%. Moreover, 30-day transactions and volume reached 524,809 and $6,03 million, respectively, increasing by 73 % and 112% at writing. Such an achievement is remarkable considering that market sentiment has been hit hard by the ongoing bear market.  

Tezos’ devotion: the next frontier of digital art?

More and more artists choose to mint and sell on Tezos due to its eco-friendly nature, lower gas fees, and a highly engaged NFT community. Thanks to these features, Tezos NFT creators can focus on content creation and cultivating their communities. As a result, Tezos’ NFT ecosystem has become incredibly dynamic since the early days. For example, Hic et Nunc (HEN), the now-discontinued NFT platform, experimented with an exciting series of explorations involving a variety of artwork formats. 

HEN allowed people to see the diversity of NFT art. Impressively, HEN’s artists have greatly broadened the range of NFT formats. What they have achieved is to incorporate scalable vector graphics, 3D modeling, programs, and other forms into NFT creation, rather than just limited to pictures, video, and audio as material. As a result, these art forms have enriched people’s experiences in the digital world.

Although HEN has become history, the united Tezos artists have spared no effort to carry on the legacy of HEN. A new community marketplace emerged on Tezos dubbed Teia. Teia is a global, artist-run space where NFT creators can explore and experiment with the paradigm of NFT arts. It has attracted over 8000 unique users and 82,450 transactions to the platform over the past 30 days, contributing to the artistic vibe of Tezos. 

Interestingly, we also found HEN in Objekt, another popular NFT platform on Tezos. Here in Objekt, HEN is transformed into an NFT art gallery, offering collectors up to 652,000 NFT collectibles.

There are also virtual worlds on Tezos, such as the metaverse project tz1land. tz1and is a virtual world where users can build, deploy, trade, decorate, and exhibit 3D arts on virtual lands. In addition, this emerging metaverse on Tezos supports artist communities and indie creatives. Now, tz1land has become a collaborative playground for many crypto artists.

Looking at Tezos’ ecosystem, we can envision a future filled with digital assets where NFT unleashes its unlimited potential, bringing a variety of digital collectible options. To allow users to trade and manage these digital assets easily, DappRadar provides users with an easy-to-use NFT trading tool. Users can trade all kinds of NFTs on the DappRadar Portfolio page with one click, and more importantly, without extra fees.

General education to the public – “It’s called NFT!”

Now back to Art Basel, while walking in the crowded venue of Art Basel, I heard someone behind me shouting, “I’m going to see those NTFs!” The voice came from a middle-aged father. His teenage girl corrected, “It’s called NFT, Dad.”

A bear market may be unbearable, but it’s not always bad since the crypto industry is not all about money. It’s good in a way that people can finally cool their minds down and rediscover the fact that in the blockchain world, people can enjoy many things that do not cost a penny, for example, innovative NFT arts and free education on NFTs.  

DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of Tezos, its ecosystem, and the NFT field in general. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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