The world’s first crypto trading game

Use crypto tokens as your fuel in this adrenaline packed trading game

As one of the fastest rising dapps in the ecosystem IOI Game provides an interesting case study for the successful forging of finance and gaming mechanics. This hybrid dapp game has brought the world its first real-time crypto trading dapp within a racing environment and the data indicates it has been well received.

IOI Game is a dapp where gamers can learn & utilize their trading skill in an adrenaline-packed racing game environment. Users can use 21 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, and other major cryptocurrencies. 

The gameplay is pretty straightforward with three simple steps: 

(1) Pick a race

(2) Select a race car

(3) Choose three cryptocurrencies as the fuel

The system will then track the selected coins’ performance in real-time, and the best performing coins combination will win the race. Therefore, with a little trading skill, you will beat other racers and earn amazing rewards.

UX matters 

Design is the most notable difference between IOI and other blockchain games. IOI Game has invested a lot of time into the graphics so as to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for the user.

Upon landing on the racing game’s home page, everything has been made slick, easy to use, and graphically superior compared to most other games. Furthermore, IOI has its own proprietary apps available for android users, and soon, it will be available for iOS users.

Rewards and airdrops

Furthermore, to complement the already slick functionality IOI also has a never-ending TRX airdrop program that gives 130,000 TRX away on a monthly basis!! Simply register and play the free-race to avail the never-ending airdrop. 

There are also daily tasks for you to earn free tokens. Mechanisms such as referring to new users and, playing free and paid races. Users can also join a racing team and compete for 5% of the turnover bonus.

There is also a mining feature that allows users to get free IOI tokens after using TRX tokens (by competing in paid races).

IOI token benefits

The IOI token is like a limited supply DeFi token for gaming that enables the platform to have a token economy where players can earn and trade flawlessly. IOI serves the following functions:

* To purchase race cars and accessories.

* To get access to bonus race and tournaments.

* To earn more tokens via staking and airdrops.

In the IOI world, thanks to blockchain and smart contracts capabilities, users really own their cars and their accessories. This means that the game collectibles can be freely traded between racing enthusiasts.

Therefore they have real-world value and are classed as digital assets. Users can also utilize the IOI token not only for purchasing valuable gaming assets but also for earning various IOI token holder benefits:

  • Up to 24% annual staking rewards
  • Up to 3% from turnover
  • Get access to various special airdrops and games

IOI Game also allows users to track all their earnings via a secure wallet called the Nitro Wallet. With this wallet, playing, staking, and money management have been made streamlined.

Future development

In the next update, users will be able to get limited cars. There are bronze, silver, and gold edition cars with unique designs and rarity. Moreover, the “pimp my ride” feature will allow users to build their customizable dream cars. Like skins in Counter-Strike GO, these luxury cars and modified cars would have real market value.

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