TINUS Affiliate Program: OVER Launches Program to Create and Sell Dresses as NFTs in the OVER Metaverse

Blockchain technology has transformed the way we view the world. But, on the other hand, fashion is how the world views and identifies us. With the blockchain, innovations are disrupting many traditional industries, including fashion.

OVER, a fast-growing blockchain project that offers top-note AR/VR experience, has launched an event that will help digital artists and fashion designers to create and sell NFT dresses on the OVER Metaverse.

The fashion industry has developed since the creation of time, and many cultures are slowly integrating personal touch into their dressing style. Consequently, individuals will have the chance to freely express their identities by how they dress,  only in the metaverse but even in real life.

Additionally, technological innovations have favoured the development of Fashion 4.0, and the last phase of this innovation process is the introduction of fashion in the Metaverse.

Until now, OVER has allowed the users to give life to their Digital Identity by customising their avatar with standard elements and pre-set outfits that could still range in style.

TINUS Affiliate Program

OVER also announces the release of a new program that aims to go beyond both the preset and prejudices and promote the freedom of expression of all the OVER Community. Through the TINUS Affiliate Program, users can publish their creations.

As colours, materials, art and technology come together to create unique elements, users can create a digital personality for themselves through fashion with no dress codes. Additionally, OVER plans to become a leading metaverse protocol using the TINUS Affiliate Program to integrate 3D creators and fashion brands.

OVER’s decentralized AR platform allows 3D artists, fashion brands, and content creators to unleash their imagination, strengthen their Web3 brand presence, earn OVR Tokens, receive valuable feedback from peers, be part of the Web 3.0 revolution.

So how can you participate in this development?

OVER will provide a space to purchase clothes in the newest OVER marketplace. Hence, creators and brands will have a section, and users can buy the digital dresses they prefer.

How OVER is Making the Metaverse More Inclusive

OVER is an open-source AR platform powered by Ethereum Blockchain that allows the community to run and contribute to the ecosystem without interference. Additionally, the protocol will enable users to enjoy VR and AR experiences through their smart glasses or mobile devices.

By introducing programs that allow creators and users to identify as they want through fashion, the ecosystem provides a reality that will improve user participation and accessibility.

Furthermore, OVER uses NFTs to create value for users and serve as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Since its launch, OVER has already provided users with immersive activities and treasure hunts for NFTs in unique locations and landmarks within its metaverse.

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