Trezor Suite Update April 2022. Install the latest update by opening… | by SatoshiLabs | Apr, 2022

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Install the latest update by opening Trezor Suite and following the on-screen instructions.

Trezor Suite update April 2022

An update for Trezor Suite (version 22.4.3) is now ready to install. To download and apply the update, open Trezor Suite and follow the on-screen instructions. Changes included in this update are also listed in the release notes for this version.

Get Trezor Suite for free on desktop or browser at

Try out new features early and help improve Trezor Suite by turning on Early Access through Application Settings. The next update will be sent to you a week ahead of the public release.

This month’s changes do not bring significant user-facing changes but improve the overall Trezor Suite experience.

Supported browsers

We have improved the web version of Trezor Suite to correctly detect if a users is using an unsupported browser and suggest a download of Trezor Suite for desktop or a supported browser. Using an unsupported browser may bring unnecessary risk.

A screenshot showing the option to download a supported browser or proceed.

Easier Suite Guide navigation on Android

The in-app Trezor Suite guide is now easily accessible through the hamburger menu when using Trezor Suite for Web in your Android browser. Optimized to fit phone and tablet screen resolutions, this provides you with a quick and concise resource for any information you need to know about the app and its functions, without needing to search the web for help.

Other granular fixes and improvements

Various other small changes have been made to improve the overall Trezor Suite experience.

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