Unable to decrypt wallet.wallet file

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Does anyone have any idea what this is or what its for?

It is obviously related to cryptography.

Since the Bitcoin network itself doesn’t use encryption, this is likely a configuration file or data file for a specific wallet’s scheme of encrypting the private-keys and other information that need to be protected from being stolen and misused.


iv is initialisation vector
v is version
iter is number of iterations of encryption to be applied
ks is key size
ts don’t know, maybe the size of something.
mode is an encryption mode. ccm is probably something like cipher chaining mode?
cipher is the encryption algorithm. aes is the “advanced encryption standard“.
salt is a random number used to combat attacks using precomputed dictionaries.
ct don’t know. Could be “ciphertext” – the encrypted version of some data (“plaintext”).

the last string has a ton of characters including forward slash “/” and plus signs “+”

That is fairly common in encoding methods used to take binary data and present it using readable/printable characters. In this case it is probably base64 encoding. As I think you know, encoding is not encryption, just an easily reversible presentation method.

By itself, it is of no use to you. If you know the password (encryption key) you could probably decrypt the possible ciphertext (ct value) after reversing the base64 encoding. You could then examine the (potentially binary) “plaintext” to see if it contains a Bitcoin private key.

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