Unlock Financial Independence for Your Friends & Family with Trezor Expert’s One-on-One Guidance | by Billy Campbell | Jul, 2024

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Crypto can be daunting for beginners, with its technical jargon and complex setup processes. Your friends and family might be interested in joining the crypto revolution but are held back by the fear of making mistakes or not understanding the technology fully. As someone who’s already navigated these waters, you’re in a unique position to guide them, but we all know how busy life can get. This is where Trezor Expert steps in to help.

Imagine your newbie loved ones being able to purchase a Trezor device and receive a discounted onboarding service to get fully set up in just an hour. What could take weeks of research and trial-and-error can be simplified with minimal effort. Trezor Expert offers:

  • Friendly, Personalized Guidance: Our experts will walk them through the setup process, ensuring everything is done correctly.
  • Convenient Scheduling: Sessions are available seven days a week, so your loved ones can find a time that suits them.
  • Global Accessibility: Each 60-minute session happens online, allowing participation from anywhere in the world.
  • Maximum Privacy and Security: Every session is designed to be secure, protecting their information and assets.
  • Six-Month Availability: Schedule and complete the session within 180 days.

By using Trezor Expert, your loved ones will not only set up their hardware wallets correctly but also gain the knowledge and confidence needed to manage their crypto assets effectively. This service ensures they enjoy the same peace of mind and security that you do. Many of our team members have arranged sessions for their own parents, who are now proud Bitcoin owners with self-custody. One such parent (in their 70s) shared:

“I was completely new to crypto and hardware wallets and quite intimidated by the setup process. Trezor Expert made it so easy. The one-on-one session with Daria was incredibly helpful, and I now understand self-custody and feel confident doing it.”

Don’t let the complexities of crypto hold your loved ones back. Forward this blog or share the link below to start their journey to secure crypto management today! Hurry, the 20% off offer is only available for a limited time!

Click here to learn more about Trezor Expert

Stay Secure,

The Trezor Team

And yes, the discount is global 🌎

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