10 Million Daily Wallets in Q2 2024

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In Q2 2024, the crypto market surged with a record 10 million daily active wallets, up 40% from Q1. Social DApps saw a 66% spike in user activity. Decentralized exchanges thrived with meme coin trading. NFT marketplaces rebounded to $4 billion in trading volume. 

Despite this growth, DeFi apps lost $7 billion in total value locked (TVL), a 4% drop from the previous quarter, notably on Tron and Arbitrum networks. Security remains a concern with $430 million lost to breaches, mainly impacting Ethereum and BNB Chain.

Meanwhile, new crypto projects in their early phases are catching the community’s attention as the market keeps growing. This article dives into the grounds of the crypto user base surge and takes a closer look at emerging presale opportunities.

Crypto Market Soars: Web3 User Base Surges 40%, Reaching 10 Million in Q2 2024

The cryptocurrency market soared to new heights in Q2 2024, thanks to a massive spike in Web3 user engagement. Daily active wallets jumped by 40% from Q1, hitting a record 10 million. This surge signals a broader bullish trend across different sectors of the decentralized application (DApp) industry, marking a major milestone for blockchain adoption and integration.

The social DApp sector experienced the biggest boom, with user activity jumping by an impressive 66%. Apps in this sector played a huge role in this growth, attracting more people to the exciting world of social blockchain applications. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) also saw a significant rise in user engagement. Some of these platforms saw user activity surge by 80% and 134%, driven by a fresh wave of meme coin traders.

NFT marketplaces saw a comeback, with trading volumes hitting $4 billion across over 14.9 million trades. Certain platforms significantly boosted their market share, reflecting the growing interest in digital collectibles. Despite these positive trends, the total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications fell by $7 billion, a 4% drop from the previous quarter. Tron and Arbitrum networks faced the biggest losses, while some Ethereum layer-2 solutions saw impressive gains in TVL.

A big factor behind this growth is “airdrop farming,” where users participate in activities to scere free tokens. This trend helped boost daily active wallets, but its long-term sustainability is still uncertain. Recent airdrops from certain projects in June played a major role in the surge. The report highlights that for this growth to continue, platforms will need to offer excellent user experiences, have solid development plans, and strong, dedicated teams to keep things running smoothly.

Despite the growing user base and increased activity, security remains a big worry in the Web3 world. In the second quarter of 2024 alone, there were $430 million in losses due to security breaches, a 5% increase from the previous quarter. Ethereum and BNB Chain were hit the hardest, making up about 28% of the incidents each. Other networks like Solana, Polygon, and Arbitrum also faced security issues, showing that better security measures are needed across the board.

Minotaurus ($MTAUR): Reap the Potential of Crypto & Gaming

As the crypto market is evolving, the burning question is: how to leverage its opportunities to the fullest? In this regard, presale projects could offer opportunities worth exploring, enabling crypto enthusiasts to join in early and unlock the maximum benefits. 

One such project is Minotaurus ($MATUR), an ecosystem combining casual gaming with the power of blockchain technology. Minotaurus ($MTAUR) is currently in its presale stage, offering enticing early-bird advantages to its members.

Early participants can purchase $MTAUR tokens at just $0.0000425 each during the presale. This is a 78.75% price cut from the listing price of $0.00020.

Along with an favorable entry price, holders could be looking at the following upsides:

  • Token Utility: $MTAUR tokens offer various uses. By converting $MTAUR into in-game currency, users can purchase unique Minotaurs, customize avatars, access special areas, and more. Such expansive utility sets Minotaurus ($MTAUR) apart from short-lived presale projects.
  • Evolving Market: The casual gaming sector is booming, expected to reach $19.92 billion by 2027, expanding at 9% annually. Minotaurus ($MTAUR) is well-positioned to benefit from this expansion.
  • High Demand: With 5.9 billion downloads of hybrid casual games in 2023 alone, according to SensorTower, there’s a significant appetite for this genre. Minotaurus is strategically positioned to leverage this upward trend.
  • Secure and Reliable: Smart contracts audited by SolidProof and Coinsult ensure the integrity and security of the Minotaurus ecosystem.

The Core of Minotaurus

The Minotaurus ecosystem features an exciting infinite runner game where you control a Minotaur navigating through complex mazes, dodging traps, battling enemies, and collecting valuable loot. The game is designed for mobile devices, offering easy controls and immersive gameplay. 

Players can personalize their Minotaur, unlock new regions, and compete with friends.

Benefits Beyond the Game

$MTAUR holders can benefit from referral incentives, helping to spread the word about the project and expand its user base. With the vesting program in place, community members can receive bonuses for keeping their tokens locked for an extended period. 

The gradual unlocking of tokens through cliff and vesting processes aims to stabilize the market and balance demand and supply.

Don’t Get Left Behind — Become a Minotaurian Now!

With its low entry price, robust market potential, and wide range of token utilities, Minotaurus could be an excellent choice for newcomers and seasoned crypto enthusiasts alike. 

Given all these upsides, now might be the right moment to explore the project and potentially get involved. More information about its standout features could be found on the website. 


In summary, Q2 2024 saw the crypto market surge to 10 million daily active wallets, driven by growth in social DApps, decentralized exchanges, and NFT marketplaces. Despite challenges like DeFi value declines and security issues, the market is expanding.

At the same time, early-phase crypto projects are garnering attention as the market continues to grow. Notably, Minotaurus ($MTAUR), an ecosystem blending blockchain with casual gaming, could be well-positioned to capitalize on this momentum.

With a competitive presale entry point, solid token utility, and expansion potential, Minotaurus ($MTAUR) offers exciting opportunities amidst the evolving crypto landscape.


Learn more about Minotaurus:

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