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In the ever-evolving world of NFTs, a groundbreaking collection has emerged, captivating the hearts of digital art enthusiasts and blockchain aficionados alike. ALIVE1111, launched by the innovative minds at NYC Labs (known for their iconic Naked Yeti Club and diligent work on DOB), is not just an NFT collection; it’s a historic milestone within the SEI network.

A Glimpse into ALIVE1111

ALIVE1111 is more than an art collection; it’s a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the digital age. Each NFT in this collection is crafted from the unique block hash of the first 1,111 blocks on the SEI network, marking the network’s vibrant inception. This unique approach not only immortalizes the SEI network’s beginning but also bridges the gap between technology and artistry.

Behind ALIVE1111 is a team of visionaries from NYC Labs, including the founder and artist behind the collection and the masterminds of the SEI Ducks project, notably Ducktoshi. This collaboration underscores the synergy between blockchain technology and artistic expression, culminating in a collection that’s as innovative as it is visually stunning.

An Incubation of Creativity

NYC Labs serves as the incubator for ALIVE1111, providing a platform for development and innovation. The lab’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the NFT space is evident in the unique aesthetic and conceptual depth of the ALIVE1111 collection.

Each piece in the ALIVE1111 collection is a digital masterpiece, created using a blend of blockchain hash data and customized AI. This method ensures that every artwork is not only unique but also embodies the thematic consistency and visionary ethos of the collection. The creators aim to take collectors on a journey through the SEI network’s evolution, offering a visual feast that’s as thought-provoking as it is beautiful.

A Culture of Sharing

In line with the ethos of sharing culture rather than commodifying it, ALIVE1111 is offered at a mint price of 0 $SEI, making it accessible to a wide audience. The minting process includes a 24-hour priority window for whitelisted members, followed by public access, ensuring fairness and inclusivity in the acquisition of these pieces.

With 88.11% of the collection already minted, ALIVE1111 invites art lovers and blockchain enthusiasts to join this unique venture. The collection is not just an array of digital artworks; it’s a piece of SEI Network history, a celebration of its vibrant community, and a bold step into the future of digital art.


A Consistent Vision

The consistency observed in the ALIVE1111 collection is not merely a technical achievement but a testament to the artistic direction and vision behind the project. Each piece, while unique, carries the thematic essence of the SEI network’s genesis, offering a coherent narrative that adds depth and value to the collection. This consistency mirrors the reliable and user-friendly experience that Automatic1111 offered to early AI art enthusiasts, showcasing how technology can be harnessed to produce a cohesive artistic vision.

Paying Homage Through Innovation

ALIVE1111’s nod to Automatic1111 goes beyond mere acknowledgment; it is an expansion of the idea that art and technology are interwoven. By leveraging the SEI blockchain’s capabilities alongside AI, ALIVE1111 not only celebrates the past successes of AI art platforms but also sets a new standard for how blockchain technology can be utilized in creative processes. This project illustrates the evolving relationship between artist and machine, where collaboration leads to the creation of something truly groundbreaking.

Empowered by Lighthouse

Lighthouse stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering open-source smart contracts tailored for the seamless creation of NFTs on Sei. This initiative is a testament to Webump’s dedication to empowering creators and developers, ensuring that the process of NFT creation is more accessible and efficient. With Lighthouse, the art of NFT minting transcends traditional boundaries, setting a new standard for innovation and ease of use.

Sei, celebrated as the fastest Layer 1 blockchain, offers an optimal infrastructure for the exchange of digital assets, adapting swiftly to the industry’s evolving demands. It is this unparalleled speed and versatility that make Sei the ideal platform for the ALIVE1111 collection, ensuring that each piece is not only a work of art but also a part of blockchain history.

Developed by Webump, Lighthouse enriches the Sei blockchain ecosystem with a comprehensive suite of tools designed for NFT creators and developers. From minting and managing allowlists to uploading metadata and configuring collections, Lighthouse simplifies every aspect of the NFT lifecycle. This open protocol not only democratizes the creation of digital art but also fosters a community where innovation flourishes.

TL;DR: ALIVE1111, by NYC Labs, is a revolutionary digital art NFT collection crafted from SEI network’s block hashes, representing a fusion of blockchain innovation and artistic creativity. It’s an invitation to experience and own a piece of SEI Network’s history.


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