ApeCoin Community Shows Strong Support for Innovative Sister DAO Proposal

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ApeCoin, the governance cryptocurrency designed for the Yuga Labs community, is on the brink of a significant transformation. A recent proposal, known as AIP-297, has been introduced by Yat Siu, the founder of gaming giant Animoca Brands. This proposal suggests the creation of a sister Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and an NFT treasury exclusively for the ApeCoin ecosystem. The idea has been met with overwhelming support, with over 73% of the community’s voters, representing 4.4 million APE tokens, backing the initiative.

Diving Deep into the Sister DAO Initiative 

The core of Siu’s proposal revolves around the allocation of 750,000 APE tokens from the ApeCoin DAO treasury. These tokens are earmarked for the acquisition of influential NFTs that resonate with diverse cultures and hold a prominent position in the web3 space. 

The detailed allocation plan sets aside 500,000 APE tokens for NFTs that align with the ethos of ApeCoin, while the remaining 250,000 tokens will act as a contingency for future NFT purchases. 

The sister DAO, as envisioned by Siu, will operate as an independent entity from the primary ApeCoin DAO. Its main role will be to oversee a vault containing the acquired NFTs. To be a part of this innovative sister DAO, members need to hold at least 1 APE token.

The Potential Ripple Effect on ApeCoin’s Ecosystem 

The emphasis on using APE as the central currency for all NFT transactions could lead to a renewed interest and potential appreciation in its market value. Since its inception in March 2022, ApeCoin witnessed a meteoric rise, touching an all-time high of $22.59 within a month. 

However, the subsequent market dynamics saw its value drop to $1.15. With the introduction of the sister DAO, there’s a possibility of revitalizing the token’s market position.

A Brief Overview of ApeCoin and Its Parent Entity 

For those unfamiliar, ApeCoin functions as a governance token tailored for the Yuga Labs ecosystem. Yuga Labs is renowned for its association with top-tier NFT projects, including the likes of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Yacht Club (MAYC), among others. The introduction of the sister DAO proposal could mark a new chapter in the token’s journey, fostering increased community engagement and potentially driving its value upwards.


The introduction of the sister DAO proposal signifies more than just a strategic move for ApeCoin; it represents the evolving dynamics of the NFT and web3 space. As communities like those of ApeCoin continue to innovate and adapt, they pave the way for more inclusive and diversified platforms. 

The overwhelming support for the proposal underscores the community’s trust in forward-thinking initiatives and their potential impact. As ApeCoin embarks on this new journey, it will be intriguing to see how this move shapes its future and the broader NFT market. The fusion of governance, community involvement, and NFTs might just be the recipe for a more interconnected and vibrant digital ecosystem.

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