Berachain raises $100 million in Series B funding, Trump NFT Sales Decline and more

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Berachain Raises $100M in Series B Funding

The layer-1 blockchain Berachain has completed a Series B investment round, successfully raising $100 million. This large investment aims to support Berachain’s regional expansion campaigns, and it was led by venture companies Framework Ventures and Brevan Howard Digital. Prominent investors including Hack VC, Animoca Ventures, and Polychain Capital also contributed to the investment round. With the help of these funds, Berachain hopes to increase its market share in important regions like South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Singapore.

Berachain has come a long way in its development path, even though it is yet to reveal its mainnet. A stunning 100 million transactions have already been handled by the blockchain’s testnet, showing its scalability and resilience. As of right now, Berachain is getting ready for the second quarter of this year, when its mainnet will go live. With its expanded function and interoperability, the mainnet is expected to be compatible with Ethereum-based apps.

Berachain Raises $100M in Series B Funding

The successful Series B raising funds round shows the feasibility of Berachain strategy for blockchain advancement. “Smokey The Bera” an alias co-founder, pointed out the value of the rise, describing it as a significant confirmation of their approach. Berachain seeks to create a blockchain ecosystem that successfully satisfies needs in the real world by giving priority to developer and real user feedback. Investor support for Berachain is a testament to its ability to benefit the blockchain sector.

Trump NFT Market Plummets Amid Legal Proceedings

The trading volume of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) related to the former US president Donald Trump has decreased by an astounding 99% while he is being tried on charges of criminality in New York. Sales of the 45,000 card collection of Trump Digital Trading Cards, which was the first NFTs to be licensed with the president’s image, have fallen significantly from their once-thriving level. OpenSea data shows that the collection’s sales have decreased to a small number since early March, from hundreds of weekly transactions in early February.

Trump NFT Market Plummets Amid Legal Proceedings

Although being accused of 34 felonies, including forging corporate records, Trump insists he is innocent. Sales of the first NFT collection fell off, but a reissue of Trump NFTs has performed much better, with 966 sales in the last 30 days as opposed to just 16 sales of the original collection, suggesting that investor mood is changing. Newsweek reported that NFT International, LLC has decided to halt Trump NFT sales until 2024. The results of the trials will determine the market’s future, which could have an impact on investor dynamics and sentiment.

Dentsu and Chiru Labs Work Together on the Azuki NFT Anime Series

Dentsu, a creative and advertising giant, collaborated with Chiru Labs, the people behind Azuki NFT collection, to venture into the Web3 entertainment space. Characters from the Azuki NFT collection will be featured in a three-part anime series called “Enter The Garden,” which Dentsu announced its plans to produce on April 11. To increase fan interest, the first episode of the series will premiere on April 30 along with a teaser trailer.

Dentsu and Chiru Labs Work Together on the Azuki NFT Anime Series

The Azuki NFT collection features characters drawn in an anime style, allowing its owners intellectual property rights to promote businesses such as tea stores and skateboard shops. Dentsu says that Azuki characters would make brief cameos in the anime series, and businesses owned by NFT holders will be seamlessly placed in their products. 

Head of Dentsu’s anime operations Yusuke Nii is excited about the relationship, emphasizing how popular anime is all over the world and implying that there may be more joint ventures in the future.

Other News

After Nadeem Arjarwalla escaped from prison, Nigeria discovered the local executive of Binance in Kenya and started the extradition process.

On Monday, April 15, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission is expected to approve the first batch of spot Bitcoin ETFs, which might spark a post halving price spike, according to analysts.

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