BlockDAG Presale On its Way To $600 M While Coinbase Argues for Ethereum ETF Approval

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The crypto world always has countless events going on, the most recent developments are Coinbase’s request to the SEC and Exchange Commission for Ethereum ETF approval that’ll lead the way to a massive bull run for presales like BlockDAG and NuggetRush. BlockDAG coin is already on a bullish run as it has already raised $2 million in its presale and expects to generate a 50x ROI for its investors en route to its $600 million target.

Ethereum ETF Seeking Greenlight From SEC

Ethereum is one of the most popular in the crypto world, and many people like to invest in it. However, most investors prefer not to deal with the complexities of ETH; they would instead invest in an Ethereum ETF. This allows them to invest in the performance of ETH without actually owning the coin.

Given its popularity, Coinbase, the leading exchange platform, has requested the SEC to approve Ethereum ETF. They have smartly proposed various arguments to gain approval, mentioning that Ethereum is more like a commodity and strongly advocating for ETH to be considered. Once they receive approval, crypto presale coins are expected to boom in the crypto sphere.

GameFi Ecosystem Boom With Nugget Rush

The GameFi industry has grown fast in the past years with Ethereum. According to some experts, they expect competition among top DeFi projects in Ethereum gaming, thanks to NuggetRush. NuggetRush is about building a business by mining natural resources (NUGX). This results in NuggetRush Presale showing decent growth in the crypto market.

It is unique because it combines virtual reality, play-to-earn, and NFT tech. Players can trade everything from NFTs to game funds on its marketplace, earning rewards as they go. NUGX token holders get governance benefits and no buy or sell taxes. Investors in its presale round can claim tokens. Plus, NUGX offers real gold rewards. Winners of RUSHGEMs can swap them for real-world gold, delivered to their door. NuggetRush is going great in the gaming industry, and its presale is making good progress. 

Is BlockDAG the Top Presale Coin?

BlockDAG has already begun to benefit from positive news from the crypto market, like the approval of an Ethereum ETF, leaving behind all the other presale coins currently selling in the market. BlockDAG is a cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology, to provide smart contracts.

BlockDAG has shown plenty of positivity in the crypto market, gaining investors’ interest by announcing exciting presale events like its $2M giveaway, which is currently ongoing. BlockDAG has gained investor interest as it has raised $2 million in its presale and doesn’t stop there. According to some analysts, if BlockDAG continues its level of progress, it will soon hit $600 million by the end of 2024.

Now, if Ethereum ETF gets approval, then it’s right to say that the crypto presale market is going to see a positive trajectory, which will help BlockDAG to sell more quickly. As it’s soon to be sold out, there’s not much time left before it launches in the crypto market. So, if you are considering investing in a stable presale cryptocurrency, BlockDAG is the best possible choice. Expect to get a 50x ROI soon enough, and your investments will never go in vain. BlockDAG is soon going to be the next big crypto once its presale closes.

What does it summarise?

While there’s a possibility of Ethereum ETF approval, BlockDAG shows its stability and is an exciting choice for potential investors looking to invest in the crypto world. On the contrary, NuggetRush offers unique gaming opportunities, but it has a niche market compared to BlockDAG, which provides broader investment potential. BlockDAG has already shown significant growth with its $2 million presale haul and has the potential to generate a 50x ROI. 

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