Blur NFT Airdrop Nets One Lucky Trader Over $8.4 Million

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Blur NFT marketplace brought its second season to a remarkable close with a substantial airdrop. The event resulted in a lucrative windfall for one trader, who pocketed over $8.4 million.

Active Participation Rewarded in Style

The trader, known to us only by the alias “Hanwe,” reaped the fruits of their active engagement throughout the second season. By participating in bids, creating listings, and lending in the marketplace, Hanwe received an extraordinary 22.85 million BLUR tokens. Given the total allocation of 300 million BLUR tokens designated for the season’s end, Hanwe’s portion was undeniably significant.

The marketplace’s business model has proved effective, stimulating increased trading activity by incentivizing users. This strategy led Blur to outdo OpenSea in trading volume, overtaking its competitor in the space within this year.

Preparation for Season 3

Blur has wasted no time in announcing comprehensive changes for the upcoming third season. The most notable is the introduction of Blast, an innovative Ethereum layer-2 network.

Blast has found powerful backers in Paradigm, and Standard Crypto, amongst other heavy-hitting investors. The new network is set to be at the heart of Blur’s third-season operations, with an airdrop slated for May 2024.

Furthermore, Blur has committed to a major revamp of its reward structure for Season 3. They have promised that users depositing BLUR tokens into the platform would earn a sizable 50% of the rewards allocated for the season.


Blur’s NFT marketplace’s second season has been triumphant, thanks to substantial airdrops that rewarded active engagement, with Hanwe being a prime example. This effective incentivization strategy enabled Blur to surpass its competitor, OpenSea, in terms of trading volume in the past year.

Anticipations are peaking for season 3 as Blur announces intriguing modifications. The implementation of Blast, an innovative Ethereum layer-2 network is among the updates. Moreover, Blur will revamp its reward system, promising a handsome return for users depositing BLUR tokens on their platform.

These planned advancements imply that Blur is prepared not only to build upon its past accomplishments but also to bring forth unprecedented innovations and rewards. With all these promising efficiencies in place, Season 3 seems likely to be exciting for Blur’s users and investors.

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