Cardano Inrtoduces CIP25 Metadata Validation, Enhances NFTs

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Cardano Joins the Interchain Ecosystem

In addition to CIP25 metadata validation, Cardano has recently implemented the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) sidechain capabilities.

This upgrade aims to address issues related to scalability, data privacy, and interoperability by facilitating the transfer of data and assets between different blockchains while maintaining Cardano’s security and fee structure.

With IBC, projects within the Cardano ecosystem gain the ability to establish bridges with Cosmos SDK chains and other interchain networks. This capability promotes interoperability, enabling developers to leverage diverse blockchain platforms for innovative applications. Additionally, Cardano’s integration of IBC facilitates connections to EVM-based sidechains, offering compatibility for deploying Ethereum-compatible dApps on Cardano’s secure infrastructure.

This upgrade also complements other recent improvements, such as the Chang Hard Fork and the Electra upgrade.

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