Community created spirits brand Degen Distillery sells out its Origo X NFTs

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On 12th March 2024, crowd created spirits brand Degen Distillery has sold out its latest Origo X NFTs, offering several digital and physical benefits to its holders, including perks for in-real-life events and festivals, as well as guaranteed token airdrops for its upcoming cryptocurrency token and more. The collection stands at a floor price of 0.19 ETH on Mintify, the secondary marketplace on Blast and has been trending for the past 24 hours at the time of writing.

The new Origo X collection features 1500 unique features, which the team commented represent a step ahead towards the future for its first-of-a-kind NFTs and business. Members who were whitelisted and received at least one of the 1500 NFTs would be eligible for a host of perks such as a guaranteed token airdrop for its upcoming native cryptocurrency token $DRINK, as well as access to a host of digital and physical events, exclusive products through its partners and more.

The company has partnered with $2 billion Brewdog brewery, gaining access to their extensive global distribution network, retail accounts and more.

The collection was a success and a significant milestone for the company as its price quickly jumped following the sell-out, with prices on the secondary marketplace Mintify, reaching over 42 ETH in the first 24 hours of mint. Trading volume and floor price also rose to about 0.19 ETH, or approximately $769 at the time of writing, on the day following the mint.

“Holders of the Origo X collection will also be eligible for exclusively reserved Degen Distillery token airdrops in the coming months,” said Sammy Verghese, CEO and Founder of Degen Distillery. “It has been a great pleasure for our team to see the incredible success and support from the community,” added Sammy.

With a significant focus on utilising its first-of-its-kind NFTs, Degen Distillery aims to launch its entire ecosystem in the coming months.


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