Crypto YouTuber Austin Hilton Provides Update on Learn-to-Earn Crypto Presale

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Sometimes a new crypto project grabs analysts’ attention, and that’s happening now with Austin Hilton sharing his thoughts on the unique features of 99Bitcoins Token (99BTC).

99Bitcoins (99BTC), a top media outlet, is holding a big presale with a unique revenue model you probably haven’t seen before.

The special thing about this presale is the “Learn-to-Earn” model. Instead of “Move-to-Earn,” this approach rewards users for learning more about cryptocurrency.

99BTC presale ignites investor interest

99Bitcoins Token’s presale has been incredibly successful so far. With over $1 million already raised, the project is demonstrating its tremendous potential. However, the team is not settling and is aiming for even more significant achievements.

Currently, the token price stands at $0.00105, making it an ideal investment opportunity. The next price increase will occur within 7 days or once the funding goal for this stage, approximately $2 million, is reached. Potential investors can visit our guide on how to buy 99Bitcoins tokens here.

The team plans to list the token on major exchanges, significantly enhancing $99BTC’s accessibility for a broader range of investors. This strategy has garnered attention from influential figures in the crypto community, such as Austin Hilton.

According to the project’s whitepaper, the total supply of $99BTC will be limited to 99 billion tokens, with 10.5% allocated to presale buyers. A substantial 14% will be dedicated to staking rewards, and the remaining portion will be reserved for community incentives and project growth.

This well-considered tokenomics structure, along with the project’s other features, is generating considerable excitement among investors.

Learn, earn, and get passive rewards with 99Bitcoins

99Bitcoins offers extensive learning resources, boasting 709,000 followers, 2.8 million subscribers, and 79 hours of crypto courses.

Investors are gearing up to explore a new realm of crypto education with $99BTC. This token, backed by the renowned 99Bitcoins website, benefits from the site’s reputation for making blockchain learning accessible.

$99BTC, the newest addition to this respected brand, features a “Learn-to-Earn” concept. Token holders earn rewards for increasing their crypto knowledge by completing tutorials, quizzes, and interactive courses on the 99Bitcoins platform. As they learn, they earn $99BTC directly to their wallets.

To access this ecosystem, users need the 99Bitcoin Token, which also offers perks like BRC-20 tools and education, a VIP community group, and trading signals.

Additionally, token holders can participate in staking opportunities. Long-term holders of $99BTC will receive attractive annual percentage yields (APYs) currently set at 1,370%. As more tokens are staked, this figure will decrease, prompting investors to act quickly to secure these rewards.

This utility, coupled with 99Bitcoins’ industry prestige, suggests significant potential for the 99Bitcoins Token presale. By leveraging its strong reputation and introducing the innovative Learn-to-Earn model, 99Bitcoins is positioning $99BTC as a potential game-changer in crypto education.

You can explore the potential future of 99Bitcoins through our 99Bitcoins price prediction.

Massive airdrop fuels excitement for $99BTC launch

An enormous airdrop campaign has heightened the excitement around 99Bitcoins Token. The $99BTC team is going all out, giving away $99,999 worth of Bitcoin to 99 lucky community members. With 65 days left to join, the airdrop will take place on July 19 this year, rewarding 99 winners.

Participants can increase their chances by completing multiple steps before the deadline. With over 7,800 entries already submitted, this giveaway promises to be a major event. To enter, sign up on, follow their social channels, submit a Bitcoin wallet address, and share the wallet address used in the presale.

Whether 99Bitcoins Token meets its high expectations remains to be seen. However, with such a strong start and support from influential figures, the excitement continues to build.

To participate in the $99BTC token presale, visit


99Bitcoins (99BTC) – New Learn To Earn Token

  • Audited By Solid Proof
  • Established Brand – Founded In 2013
  • Free Airdrop – Win A Share Of $99,999
  • Learn To Earn – Get Paid To Complete Trading Courses
  • 700,000+ YouTube Community


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