Diesel’s Latest NFT Drop Grants Exclusive Entry to Milan Fashion Week

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Partnering with METAMORPH, Diesel is releasing 300 limited-edition NFTs that provide special access to their upcoming fashion show and other perks like limited-edition Metamorph watches and virtual experience

MILAN—Fashion brand Diesel is taking a leap into the future by teaming up with Web3 platform Public Pressure and METAMORPH. Together, they’re rolling out 300 exclusive NFTs that not only offer VIP access to Diesel’s 2024 fashion show but also come with a range of other benefits, including limited-edition Metamorph watches and immersive virtual experiences.

Priced at $60 each, these NFTs will be up for grabs on Public Pressure’s marketplace. Previous Diesel token holders will get first dibs on minting these new digital assets. Additionally, these digital tokens will be minted on both the Polygon and Polkadot networks, giving users the freedom to choose their preferred blockchain.

This marks Diesel’s third NFT release in collaboration with METAMORPH and follows the brand’s other forays into the Web3 space. The move comes as other high-profile fashion brands are also dipping their toes into blockchain technology.

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