Disney & Dapper Labs Partner to Launch Digital Collectibles

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Disney recently announced it is partnering with Dapper Labs, creators of NBA Top Shot, to launch a digital pin collecting and trading platform called Disney Pinnacle. The new platform aims to bring the tradition of physical Disney pin collecting and trading into the web3 space.


  • Disney and Dapper Labs are launching a digital pin collecting and trading platform called Disney Pinnacle.
  • The platform will feature characters from Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars.
  • The digital pins will be NFTs minted on the Flow blockchain.
  • Disney Pinnacle will launch on the Apple App Store by the end of 2023.
  • This follows previous NFT projects from Disney like Golden Moments NFTs in partnership with VeVe.

Disney Pinnacle will allow fans to purchase, collect and trade digital pins featuring iconic characters from Disney, Pixar and Star Wars. The digital pins will be minted as NFTs on the Flow blockchain, bringing blockchain technology into Disney’s collectibles business.

This new platform builds on Disney’s previous explorations into NFTs and web3 over the past couple years. In 2021, Disney launched a series of NFT collectibles called Golden Moments in collaboration with the VeVe digital collectibles marketplace. More recently, Disney selected blockchain provider Polygon and two NFT startups for its 2022 Disney Accelerator program.

According to Disney and Dapper Labs, Disney Pinnacle is designed from the ground up based on lessons learned from previous web3 projects. The platform aims to make collecting and trading the digital pins simple, social and accessible to mainstream consumers.

Disney Pinnacle will launch first on the Apple iOS App Store by the end of 2023. It will eventually expand to Android and other platforms. The digital pins will only be available for purchase and trade within the Disney Pinnacle app.

For Disney, this launch represents a major new initiative to connect its globally popular entertainment IP with blockchain technology and the potential of web3. As one of the world’s leading media and entertainment brands, Disney’s entry into NFTs and digital collectibles could help further mainstream adoption of these technologies.

It also caters to Disney’s highly engaged community of pin collectors and traders. Translating this hobby into the digital world could tap into that existing passion while expanding the possibilities of collecting and exchanging these licensed Disney goods.

While details remain limited ahead of its launch, Disney Pinnacle has the potential to take the best of physical collectibles and enhance it through the use of blockchain and social digital platforms.

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