DORKL Gears Up for a Potential 30% Fall

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DORK LORD (DORKL), a popular new meme coin that emerged to conquer the meme sector in the crypto industry, seemingly found its bottom after the fall seen last week.

The token’s price sank from $0.01739 — its starting price — to $0.00434 in only 24 hours. Meanwhile, its all-time high was achieved only hours after launch, at around $0.021.

DORK LORD’s First Week Brings Major Correction

The token has stabilized its price in the last five to six days. In the first few days after the drop, it found stability at its bottom, using $0.003 as a support, from which it sought to grow up to $0.005 and beyond.

During the first few days post-drop, the token had limited success with recovering, but as this week started, DORKL managed to surge to $0.0080.

It reached this level on Monday, September 11, and while it was rejected as soon as it got this price, it managed to return to it on the next day, September 12.

Attempts at Recovery Brought Limited Success

Since then, however, its price started a slow and steady descent, bringing it back to the bottom at $0.003. The token is not at its lowest point yet, as its price at the time of writing is $0.00387, while the all-time low was reached on September 9, when it sank to $0.002572.

Still, the token lost 26% of its value in the last 24 hours and around 80% since launch.

The big question now is — where will DORKL go next? According to some predictions, the token is biding its time, waiting for the proper chance to make a full recovery and make gains.

Others believe a more significant drop will arrive, pushing it down by another 30%. Given that it is a new cryptocurrency, there is not a lot of data for analysts to work with.

However, one worth noting is that the token seemingly managed to avoid falling under the influence of the market giants. Bitcoin, for example, is currently back above $26k.

Many cryptocurrency charts mimic the BTC chart, as its dominance is still quite massive. However, DORKL is following its path for now, which makes it all the more difficult to predict what it will do next.

Bitcoin BSC Emerges as New Opportunity

While some may be interested in buying DORK LORD in hopes of it seeing a surge, others might be more willing to turn to something more familiar.

One such opportunity can be found on Binance Smart Chain, where a new BEP-20 token called Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) is currently holding a presale.

BTCBSC is a crypto that aims to offer Bitcoin to BSC users, but not the Bitcoin we know. Instead, this is BTC, as people knew in 2011 when its price was only $1.

This is why the presale sells the token for $0.99, with plans to introduce staking after the token enters circulation. From there on, staking will allow users to earn passive income.

However, the exciting part is that the new tokens will be released every 10 minutes, mimicking Bitcoin mining rewards.

The project is intriguing and appears to have attracted a lot of following, as it raised over $1.8 million in only a week. Anyone interested in joining the action can buy it with ETH, BNB, or USDT.

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