DYdX Unveils 2024 Roadmap Including Permissionless Market Deployment

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DYdX will also focus on improving user experience and onboarding.

DYdX, the leading decentralized perpetuals exchange, has unveiled its roadmap for 2024.

Announced on Jan. 5, the project will focus on building out Permissionless Markets, improving core trade execution, and improving its onboarding and user experience.

“Our mission at dYdX is to democratize access to financial opportunity by building a best in class product experience for DeFi,” dYdX said. “All projects described in this blog post are currently being researched.”

The roadmap follows the launch of dYdX v4 in the form of a Cosmos-based appchain in November. DYdX v4 now ranks as the leading decentralized exchange by 24-hour trade volume with $466.1M, beating out the spot-only Uniswap v3 with $370.3M, according to CoinMarketCap.