Ethereum vs. Bitcoin Spark: An Unbiased Comparison

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Ethereum is a well-known open-source smart contracting platform with massive contributions to the DeFi world. The platform’s development was pioneered through crowdfunding, which took place in 2014. The platform was co-founded by a millennial named Vitalik Buterin, born in 1994. Ethereum is an inflationary crypto platform, meaning Ether, the platform’s native utility token, has no maximum supply. This feature differs from Bitcoin, whose maximum digital asset supply is capped at 21 million. A new project called Bitcoin Spark is proving to be a better Bitcoin alternative than Ethereum.


Ethereum Price Outlook

Ethereum is the second largest crypto asset by market capitalization after Bitcoin. With the current risk sentiment in the crypto market turning bullish, ETH holders could see an increase in price as the crypto market tries to recuperate from the meltdown. Experts believe the next bull run is around the corner and could happen sooner when Bitcoin ETFs commence functionality ahead of the Bitcoin halving event. Despite the news, Ethereum whales are looking at Bitcoin Spark, which offers better returns than Ethereum.

Is Bitcoin Spark a Better Alternative to Ethereum

Bitcoin Spark is a new Bitcoin alternative whose utility has a competitive advantage over Ethereum. Bitcoin Spark has advanced features that set it apart from other projects like Ethereum. The project has already raised over $1 million in the ongoing ICO event in phase 5.

The presale is witnessing massive sales of Bitcoin Spark’s native BTCS. Each BTCS token sells for $2.50, and each purchase accrues an additional 9% bonus. Participants who join the platform by purchasing BTCS tokens in the ongoing presale stage can yield 436% on mainnet release when each BTCS token retails for $10.

Bitcoin Spark also has an exclusive referral program that allows investors and public figures to earn passive income. The feature unlocks unlimited earning potential for those who capitalize on the opportunity. Every individual who signs up with a referral link and proceeds to purchase over $60 will get an additional 10% bonus from the purchase. The owner of the referral link will also get a 10% commission that will be added to their account immediately after the purchase is made.

These commissions are separately credited on top of other giveaway features, such as the 9% bonus issued in the ongoing ICO phase.

BTCS is a deflationary token with a maximum supply of 21 million tokens, like Bitcoin. The feature that makes the platform unique is the proof-of-process consensus mechanism, which alloys proof-of-work and proof-of-stake found in Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively. The proof-of-process simplifies and leverages the merits of PoW and PoS consensus to make the network more efficient and convenient than Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.

Bitcoin Spark will also have smart contract layers like those on the Ethereum network. The smart contract deployment will occur in EVM-compatible languages, including Solidity and Vyper, alongside any other EVM bytecode language. However, Solidity opcode variants are currently pending confirmation, and any incompatibilities will be confirmed through the devkit upon its release. The smart contracts will allow community members and third-party developers to build decentralized applications.

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