Gods Unchained’s Sealed Mode: Where Strategy Meets Skill

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The popular Web3 card game Gods Unchained is introducing a new permanent game mode: “Sealed Mode”. Launching on September 14th, this mode promises an exciting challenge that tests new and seasoned players’ strategic skills. Now, success depends more on your strategy than your collection’s strength. Let’s dive into the details of this fresh addition to the Gods Unchained world.

Unsealing Sealed Mode

According to the creators, Sealed Mode offers a varied and exciting gaming experience. Players will have a choice of three randomly selected Gods to play with. They will also receive 60 cards from three domains to craft a well-rounded and strategic deck for defeating their opponents. This pool includes a blend of spells and neutral cards from different mana levels, collected from several known sets like Welcome, Core, Genesis, and more.

To join, players need to pay a 15 $GODS entry fee. Once confirmed in their wallet, they can choose their preferred God from the random selection and begin building their deck with the available card pool. The game follows a gauntlet style, where players aim for seven wins or three losses (whichever comes first), with increasing rewards for more victories.

Why Try Sealed Mode?

This new mode stands out for offering a fair playing ground, where victory is more about skill and strategy than the power of one’s collection. The addition of a win-based reward system adds excitement, as players can earn exclusive Cards and Cosmetic Packs the further they progress. Gods Unchained is a creation of Immutable.

This innovative game operates on Immutable X, a sophisticated layer-2 enhancement for Ethereum, facilitating swift and cost-effective transactions. Thanks to its innovative use of blockchain technology, it quickly captured the interest of gamers and crypto enthusiasts, allowing true ownership of digital assets and transparent trading. This mode adheres to the game’s core principles, emphasizing skill and strategy.

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Gods Unchained Launch on Epic Game

In June, Gods Unchained marked its debut in the Epic Games Store, stirring excitement in the Web3 gaming sphere. The Epic Games Store, managed by Epic Games, serves as a digital marketplace and distribution hub, initially introduced in December 2018 as a software utility for Microsoft Windows and macOS, expanding later into an online retail space. This store is patronized by over 194 million registered users, with a staggering count of over 875 million games procured from its platform.

As we step into this new phase, it will be interesting to see how the Gods Unchained community welcomes Sealed Mode and how it enhances the game’s already vibrant ecosystem. With its launch coming soon, this is undoubtedly a significant moment in the journey of Gods Unchained.

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