How Mad Lads is Raising the Bar in the NFT Market Landscape

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The Mad Lads NFT collection continues to dominate the market by exceeding the sales volumes of other leading NFT projects.

Record Sales Volumes

The floor price of the Mad Lads NFTs has hit a new peak of 123 SOL (approximately $7,100) — a figure more than triple its value since early November. These robust gains are indicative of a collection in high demand and a top pick for digital collectors and investors alike.

Over the span of 24 hours, the project registered sales of more than $1.39 million on secondary markets. In doing so, it outperformed other prominent projects like the Ethereum-based Bored Ape Yacht Club

Solana’s Growth

Contributing to the successful run of the Mad Lads NFTs is the rising price of Solana — the blockchain on which the project is hosted. Solana’s value surged from around $21 to $58 recently, a price boost that helped fuel the demand for Mad Lads NFTs.

The larger ecosystem of Solana NFTs has also seen impressive growth, with sales climbing from $28 million in October to an eye-watering $62 million in November. This uptrend is indicative of the positive outlook for Solana-based projects.

Mad Labs tops NFT sales on Solana

Backpack App and Coral Connection

The Mad Lads project is spearheaded by the startup Coral, which is also associated with the Backpack app and the executable NFTs (xNFTs) standard. The Backpack app is quickly making a name for itself in the NFT arena, demonstrating its potential to revolutionize the market through its xNFTs standard.

Furthermore, Coral is now overseeing a crypto exchange licensed in Dubai, under the leadership of Can Sun, the former general counsel of FTX. Mad Lads NFT owners were strategically granted early access to this up-and-coming exchange, a move that not only benefits them but also significantly contributes to the increasing demand and value of Mad Lads NFTs. This development reinforces the collection’s strong presence in the current digital asset landscape.


The Mad Lads NFT project is achieving notable success by exceeding the sales volumes of other dominant collections. The impressive rise in the floor price, along with all-time-high sales on secondary markets, confirm Mad Lads’ superior positioning in the digital collector and investor community. This performance is strengthened by the rise in value of Solana, the blockchain hosting the project, which has indirectly spurred demand for Mad Lads NFTs.

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