Is a 40% Rise in PNDC’s Future?

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Since its launch on August 5, Pond Coin (PNDC) has been experiencing a sustained, gradual uptrend in its price. 

As of 6:47 a.m. EST, PNDC is trading at $0.00000253, reflecting a remarkable 17% gain in the past 24 hours. 

The performance over the last month has been equally outstanding, with results indicating an impressive 117% increase.

Can this uptick experience another 40% rise in the future? 

PNDC Price Trades in Descending Triangle

PNDC/USD Chart Analysis. Source:
PNDCUSD Chart Analysis. Source:

Pond Coin has been displaying a positive performance, characterized by a gradual upward trend that suggests a bullish perspective. 

It has been trading consistently along the ascending trendline, which forms the lower boundary of an ascending triangle pattern. Despite encountering resistance from bears, the bullish sentiment has held firm.

The ascending triangle pattern reinforces the optimistic outlook, signaling a continuation of the bullish trend. 

Consequently, the bulls are preparing for a potential price surge, aiming to capitalize on this trend and maximize their profits.

If this bullish momentum persists, the price may break above the triangle’s upper trendline. 

Support for this bullish sentiment can be found in the price-moving averages, which currently stand at $0.0000002194 and $0.0000002047. 

Their positioning below the current price indicates significant buying pressure. Additionally, the 50-day moving average is a crucial support level for Pond Coin’s price.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) currently stands at 65, having bounced back from the neutral 50 position. This suggests strong bullish momentum.

Considering this analysis, PNDC’s price appears primed for an upward surge. The presence of an ascending triangle pattern further supports this potential bullish movement. 

There is also a possibility that the bulls could push the price higher, with expectations of reaching price levels around $0.0000003007.

For investors seeking opportunities, the BTCBSC presale project may be worth considering. It offers a staking mechanism that can provide passive income for investors.

BTCBSC Presale Crosses $2 Million, Buy Fast

BTCBSC’s presale is selling out rapidly, having already raised over $2 million, half its target soft cap of $3.96 million. 

BTCBSC is available at an inviting price of $0.99 per token, with 6.125 million tokens up for grabs. 

The presale has already raised $2,057,655.6, matching the circulating BTC supply from that era.

Based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), this proof-of-stake token draws inspiration from Bitcoin’s early days in April 2011, when it was priced at a modest $0.99 with a circulating supply of approximately 6 million coins.

Industry analysts cautiously predict that BTCBSC could replicate this success when it launches in the coming weeks. 

The token’s website presents a unique proposition for cryptocurrency investors: an opportunity to purchase Bitcoin at its April 2011 price with added benefits.

BTCBSC Stake to Earn Passive Income

BTCBSC offers enticing staking rewards and substantial growth potential, allowing users to earn rewards every 10 minutes. 

This innovative concept follows in the footsteps of BTC20, a similar project launched earlier this year on Ethereum.

BTCBSC operates on a more efficient proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, diverging from Bitcoin’s proof-of-work (PoW) system. 

This PoS mechanism enhances efficiency and allows users to lock their tokens in a staking pool, generating rewards.

Currently, the project estimates an astonishing annualized yield percentage of 263%. Notably, this percentage may adjust as more tokens join the staking pool, which is set to include 14.5 million tokens.

Compared to other notable PoS tokens like Ethereum (typically 4-5%), Solana (6-7%), and Cardano (5-10%), BTCBSC’s rewards are expected to surpass them substantially.

BTCBSC implements a 120-year unlocking schedule for long-term sustainability in keeping with Bitcoin’s enduring model. 

With a maximum supply of 21 million tokens, BTCBSC closely mirrors Bitcoin.

Jacob Crypto Bury, a crypto YouTuber, has reviewed BTCBSC as a 10x investment, and that could result in very high returns for investors with massive investments in BTCBSC

In the spirit of Bitcoin’s early days, 6.125 million tokens are allocated to the presale, representing 29% of the total supply, with no vesting period. 

After the presale concludes, an additional 420,000 tokens (2%) will be reserved for a future launch on decentralized exchanges.

To participate in the presale, buyers can link their wallets to the BTCBSC website and use BNB, ETH, or USDT to acquire tokens.

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