It Seems Cathie Wood Will Never Give Up on BTC

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Cathie Wood – a major bitcoin fan and the woman behind ARK Invest – recently discussed her past and what it was (and who it was) that taught her the most about investing.

Where Does Cathie Wood Get Her Inspiration From?

In the interview, she said her mother was a big influence on her, and that she got a lot of ideas and words of advice from her. Wood commented:

This is the first time I’ll be able to say my mother. My father prided himself that she never had to work, but she worked like a dog to care for the family. He called her the best economist in the world. Boy, did she clip every coupon!

Now, with so much monetary experience, Wood appears capable of making the right decisions and holding onto things that she knows will take her and her fellow investors into the future. She mentioned:

What’s interesting about current performance is if I had told you and if you had told me at the beginning of this year, that the mega-cap tech stocks would take off and outperform the S&P 500, while healthcare stocks would sink into the negatives, and small to mid-cap stocks would underperform most indexes, I would have thought we’d be the ones underperforming.

She continued with:

Instead, we are outperforming even the QQQs, the NASDAQ 100. This is an early sign that active management is making a comeback. As of last Friday, our flagship was at 53.4 percent, and our genomic strategy was up 31.5 percent. The S&P 500 was up 19.2 percent, the NASDAQ 34.7 percent, and the QQQs, the NASDAQ 100, up 41.5 percent. Even though the entire healthcare sector [became] positive at 1.1 percent for the year, we stood strong at 31.5 percent.

She has worked hard over the past several years to develop a unique approach to investing that to this day, she claims hasn’t failed her. She said:

We’re very gratified by that, but we also want to communicate that this is active management at its best. The market seems to be looking over the interest rate increases. We think they’re close to the end, and the market seems to agree.

She’ll Never Turn on Bitcoin

For many years, Wood has had a vision that bitcoin will somehow change the world of finance and serve as a revolutionary tool. She hasn’t allowed this vision to falter, and she’s never stepped away from her confidence in the world’s number one digital asset by market cap. She stated that bitcoin is still a niche product, but there’s a community out there that will never stop believing, and she’s part of it. She said:

We know who we are, so I don’t let either side of this get to me. We keep our eye on the prize. We keep moving forward.

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