Japanese Watch Brand Casio Launches Exclusive NFT Collection for 50th Anniversary

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Casio, a big electronics company from Japan, just launched a new NFT collection to celebrate 50 years. They worked with different artists to make these cool digital artworks. Casio is famous for making both cheap and fancy watches, and now they’re showing off their 50 years of cool stuff with these new NFTs.

On May 01, Casio officially declared the release of its NFT collection, commemorating this momentous occasion. Teaming up with Astar zkEVM, a solution aimed at scaling Ethereum Layer-2, Casio embarks on its inaugural journey into the NFT landscape with this groundbreaking initiative.

Casio: Leading the Global Electronics Scene

Casio is a big name in electronics worldwide. They started out in Japan in 1974 and are based in Tokyo. Casio makes a bunch of things like calculators, phones, cameras, musical instruments, and watches. Initially, Casio was famous for cheap digital watches, but now they also have fancy ones called “Casio Oceanus.” These watches are super high quality with cool features and designs, showing how much Casio cares about making great stuff.

Casio: Leading the Global Electronics Scene

In August 2023, Casio hinted at its move into the world of crypto and NFTs by filing a trademark application. With plans to explore virtual wearables, NFT-backed content, and virtual storefronts, Casio is leveraging its expertise in the industry.

Teaming up with industry leaders like Polygon Labs and Doodles, Casio has been actively involved in the growing NFT scene. Its collaboration with Doodles resulted in an exciting NFT-inspired watch collection, highlighting the brand’s embrace of Web3 technologies and digital art.

Astar Network Partnership for NFT Innovation

In its latest move, Casio has partnered with Astar Network, a platform dedicated to driving innovation in the Web3 ecosystem. Together, they aim to introduce a fresh range of NFTs that combine art, technology, and collectibles seamlessly.

Set for May 10, 2024, the highly anticipated NFT collection will be unveiled through the Casio YoPort capsule machine. With options to buy individual NFTs or sets of eight, enthusiasts can join in the excitement. Plus, buyers have a chance to win exclusive prizes, including original G-SHOCK watches and Astar tokens valued at 10,000 yen.

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