Loaded Lions: Mane City Season 2 Launches with New Features

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The Web3 tycoon simulator game Loaded Lions: Mane City has launched its Season 2, introducing features such as Factions and Abilities and integrating NFT collections. With Season 2, the game aims to enhance players’ strategic depth and excitement as they build, defend, and attack within their dream cities.

Intensified In-Game Rivalries with New Features

Since its launch on the Cronos blockchain in August 2023, Loaded Lions: Mane City has attracted over 17,000 players and facilitated more than US$1.26 million in in-game transactions.

Now, the introduction of Factions and Abilities raises the stakes in Mane City and highlights the rivalry between the Dark Lions and the Loaded Lions. Players must now align with either The Legion or The Void, with each Faction’s performance influencing individual rewards. 

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The Gold Income, Diamond Income, and EXP Gain bonuses are determined by the collective success of the chosen Faction during Competitive Mode events. Higher bonuses are awarded to players who join the trailing Faction, promoting balance and encouraging dynamic gameplay.

In addition to Factions, the Abilities feature allows players to launch attacks and mount defences against rival tycoons. This new mechanic adds a layer of strategic planning, as attacks affect Gold and Diamond income differently and work best against opponents close in ranking. This feature pushes players to think critically about their moves to climb the leaderboard.

Welcoming the Dark Lions and Tactical Gear NFT Collections

Season 2 also integrates the ‘Dark Lions’ and ‘ Tactical Gear’ NFT collections. Launched in December 2023, the Dark Lions are the Loaded Lions’ ‘archenemies’, while the Tactical Gear collection, introduced in March 2024, enhances players’ attack and defence capabilities. 

Players must now strategically equip these NFTs to maximize their Abilities, adding a new dimension to the game.

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The excitement continues with the announcement of the second World Series Competitive Mode event, dubbed “The Great War,” set to commence in Q3 this year. This event will feature a major Loaded and Dark Lions showdown, determining the dominant Faction.

Season 1’s Competitive Mode event, Rise of the Golden City, concluded with a prize pool worth US$246,000, and the game has distributed over US$400,000 in CRO redemption rewards and bonus NFTs.

Moving forward, Loaded Lions: Mane City team continues to enhance player engagement with features like the Achievements system and Daily Spins, along with regular Competitive Mode events offering attractive prize pools. The game is also working on improving accessibility, allowing new players to create accounts with their email addresses, and simplifying the onboarding process.

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