Magic Square Introduces Magic Launchpad to Boost Web3 Fundraising and Community Growth

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Magic Square has launched Magic Launchpad, an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platform that aims to transform fundraising for early-stage projects. With over 4.5 million unique user wallets and more than 1400 registered projects in its community-driven platform, Magic Square is well-positioned to provide a robust solution for growth hacking, brand awareness, user acquisition, and fundraising.

How does Magic Launchpad work?

Magic Launchpad is a multi-chain platform that integrates deeply with Magic Square’s ecosystem. The platform offers a variety of IDO options, including whitelist events and private rounds, to cater to diverse investor preferences. One unique feature of Magic Launchpad is the ability for users to stake $SQR tokens and earn SQRp points, which determine their allocation sizes in certain project launches. Additionally, the Road-to-IDO campaign allows users to engage with projects before their IDO launch and earn token rewards.

The first project to launch an IDO on Magic Launchpad is Storm Trade, a perpetual DEX on the TON blockchain. Supported by Ton Ventures, Storm Trade offers high-yield liquidity pools, social-fi elements, and a user-friendly interface with robust security.

The Impact of Magic Launchpad

Andrey Nayman, Founder and CEO of Magic Square, emphasizes the platform’s role in redefining fundraising for early-stage projects. Magic Launchpad provides equal opportunities for projects of all sizes and development stages, ensuring a fair and rigorous application process. By leveraging its strong community infrastructure, Magic Square is well-equipped to enhance user acquisition and engagement for participating projects.

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, launching a successful project can be challenging. Magic Launchpad offers a comprehensive solution for early-stage projects and provides flexibility and diversity for both investors and projects, creating an ecosystem where all parties can benefit.

Final Thoughts

The launch of Magic Launchpad marks another milestone for Magic Square as it continues to innovate in the world of Web3 and cryptocurrency. With its community-driven platform and strong infrastructure, Magic Launchpad is poised to transform fundraising for early-stage projects. By providing equal opportunities and a wide range of IDO options, Magic Launchpad creates a level playing field for all projects to succeed. As the first project, Storm Trade sets a high standard for future IDOs on Magic Launchpad, promising high-yield liquidity pools and social-fi elements. 

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