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Dear Bankless Nation,

The crossroads of AI x NFTs is an area I’m really excited about, so it’s cool to see that Zora just launched AI support in the Zora Canvas NFT builder.

Underpinned by text-to-image Stability Diffusion tech, this new functionality lets creators make visual layers via prompts that can be remixed in the Canvas interface. 

There’s even an in-built splits system here, so that a model’s host and the model itself receive 10% cuts each of any accrued ETH from mints. Only the base Stability Diffusion model is available for now, but more models are coming

It’s a super neat implementation, and it’s perfect for the Zora ecosystem, so I’m looking forward to all the creativity and innovations that will be coming out of this mashup. 

In the meantime, let’s get you up to speed on the past week’s NFT news highlights 👇


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