Meet Catizen: The Web3 Cat Game Taking Telegram by Storm

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  • Catizen is a Web3 mobile game launched on Telegram’s TON ecosystem in January 2024.
  • The game has attracted 23 million players, with 1.3 million having on-chain activity.
  • Players run a virtual cat café, combining cats to level them up and increase earnings.
  • The game uses Web3 tools for user acquisition and asset ownership.
  • An airdrop of CATI tokens is planned for July 2024.

Catizen is a Web3 mobile game launched on Telegram’s TON ecosystem in January 2024, has quickly become a phenomenon, boasting an impressive 23 million players, with 1.3 million engaging in on-chain activity.

At its core, Catizen is a virtual cat café management game where players combine cats to level them up and increase their earnings. However, what sets it apart from traditional mobile games is its innovative use of Web3 technologies.

Tim Wong, Chairman of the Catizen Foundation, explains that the game leverages blockchain features for user acquisition and true asset ownership, providing a unique value proposition to players.

“We look at Web3 economics as a low-cost, innovative way to acquire new users,”

Wong states. Unlike traditional games that rely heavily on paid advertising, Catizen utilizes player referral programs and token incentives to grow its user base organically. This approach not only reduces acquisition costs but also allows players to benefit directly from the game’s growth.

One of the most anticipated features of Catizen is its upcoming airdrop of CATI tokens, planned for July 2024. This event is expected to reward active players based on their in-game performance and highest-level cats, creating an additional incentive for engagement.

But Catizen isn’t just about financial rewards. Wong emphasizes the importance of emotional value in gaming. “Fundamentally, a game has to give you emotional value,” he says. This philosophy is reflected in the game’s cute aesthetics and the team’s genuine love for cats, which resonates with players worldwide.

The game’s success also stems from its accessibility. As a Telegram-native mini app, players can start breeding their virtual cats with just a few clicks, without the need for complex wallet setups or downloads. This low barrier to entry has helped Catizen attract a diverse player base, with roughly 50% of its paying users being new to Web3.

Catizen is exploring innovative features to enhance player experience. The team is working with Google’s Web3 AI team to develop augmented reality interactions, allowing players to bring their virtual cats into the real world through their smartphone cameras.

Some players report issues with the game’s economic scaling, noting that progress becomes significantly slower at higher levels without financial investment. The inclusion of additional features like a fishing mini-game has also been met with mixed reactions, with some players finding it disconnected from the core gameplay.

Despite these challenges, Catizen’s multi-chain ambitions, including partnerships with both TON and Mantle networks, suggest a bright future for the game. The team’s commitment to building a lasting ecosystem, rather than a short-term hype cycle, is evident in their approach to game development and community building.

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