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Dear Bankless Nation,

It’s now been one whole year since Ethereum conducted its Merge upgrade!

It was an incredible technical feat, but also a game changer for NFTs because it dropped Ethereum’s energy usage massively.

Now, the annual energy consumption of Ethereum’s current Proof of Stake (PoS) system is already 3,000,000% lower than Ethereum’s last year of energy consumption under Proof of Work (PoW). 

Some normies still cling to the misconstrued idea that “NFTs are killing the environment,” but in actuality the new Ethereum and its growing L2 and L3 landscapes are pointing the way to a future where much of culture becomes de-physicalized via NFTs. 

That’ll be a win for the planet, which needs any break it can get from physical waste and IRL overactivity, and it’ll be a win for Ethereum, which is now virtualized and ramping up for the world with scaling solutions. 

In the meantime, we keep creating on Ethereum and leading by example. Thanks for reading and being along for the journey everyone, have a great weekend ✌️


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Over the past week, the floor-based market cap of the NFT space slid from 8.56 million ETH to 7.99 million ETH for a 6.65% drop ⤵️ 

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Nakamigos stormed onto the NFT scene earlier this year, and now the project’s looking to mix things up by releasing its first expansion collection, CLOAKS, next week. Both an early access and a public mint are slated for Thursday, September 21st, with the former being free for Nakamigos holders and the later costing 0.05 ETH a pop. Releasing a new 20k character collection is a bold move in bearish times like these, so it’ll be interesting to see how the drop plays out. 

1. WASD on Shoshin’s gameplay ♟️

2. Mike Selig on the SEC v. Stoner Cats 😾

3. Punk 6529 on the Three Address Protocol 🛅

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